November 19, 2019

CNN (Which Is Hitler) Rocked By 4 Massive Scandals In Just 24 Hours


Is it all right if I just take a moment to pat myself on the back? Bear with me a bit here… CNN has always been a left-wing network. Anyone who was around knows that throughout the 1990s, CNN worked overtime to earn its “Clinton News Network” moniker. The network was just as shameless when it came to destroying George W. Bush and electing Barack Obama. Something, though, changed dramatically for the worse three years ago.

It all began when Jeff Zucker was put in charge of the network, and his subsequent hiring of Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo from ABC News, two once-respected  journalists who wanted to be stars but were blocked by Clintonista George Stephanopoulos. With the promise of making them stars, Zucker bought the souls of both men and used the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin tragedy to gin up what is now a well-oiled, 12 cylinder, very effective and very dangerous LyingHateMachine.

In real time, I sounded the alarm as loudly as I could over at Breitbart News. It was obvious what CNN was becoming. To aid and abet the Left/Obama administration’s sinister goal of destroying race relations, not only was CNN willing to outright lie, but (Tapper and Cuomo included) CNN was much more than simply ready to gin up violence in black neighborhoods, they were eager for violence and openly called for violence.

To put it as simply as possible, CNN went from a usual-usual left-wing propaganda network to a left-wing agitation network that is perfectly comfortable with political violence in pursuit of its cause. My comparison of CNN to Hitler is utterly sincere. Any powerful institution that engages in outright fascism and fabricates lies to divide people along ethnic lines, while promoting violence in pursuit of empowering the State, has more than earned that comparison.

CNN is evil and actively engaged in evil. Period. So anything bad that happens to CNN is, naturally, good for America, and over the last 24 hours, The Hitler News Network was rocked by no fewer than four massive scandals.

1. CNN published a completely phony, made-up story that claimed Donald Trump was calling on his supporters to commit vote fraud.

2. After getting busted, CNN tried to cover up the above story.

3. CNN was (again) caught helping Hillary cheat for a debate against Bernie Sanders.

4. WikiLeaks caught CNN’s chief political analyst, the hideous Gloria Borger, sending a mash note to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.

What makes all of this especially glorious is that just hours before CNN published its fake story about Trump, CNN’s media reporter, the left-wing Brian Stelter, went full-narcissist with a sanctimonious on-air editorial lecturing others about –wait for it, wait for it — fake news.

Sometimes the Universe is just.

Stay ungovernable, America.

Source: The Daily Wire