July 4, 2020

Florida Election Officials Busted For Massive Voter Fraud

Florida Election Officials Busted For Massive Voter FraudVoters in Florida have reportedly been complaining that they aren’t receiving their absentee ballots they requested. Friday, it was revealed that Democrat insiders are filling out the absentee ballots themselves.

Mike Cernovich released the breaking news around noon Friday of a group of election employees in Broward County, Florida who were caught red-handed, filling out stacks of ballots.

A woman identified as Chelsey Smith has provided her sworn testimony of the incident via affidavit.   Smith said she was employed through a temporary employment agency, working full time at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office in Lauderhill, FL.

As part of her duties, she often was required to handle absentee ballots, and is familiar with their appearance.   She said on Monday, October 31, she was asked by her supervisor, Charlotte Shipman-Smith, to carry a stack of absentee ballot request forms to another room in the building, that she had never been in before.  The door was locked and required a security number to enter, which she was not provided.

Through the thin window in the door, Smith said she could see four SOE employees sitting at a table with stacks of documents, writing something.   Eventually one person came to the door, took the ballots, and closed the door, without letting her inside.

Later, she was asked to deliver another stack of absentee ballot request forms to the same room, where the same four people were still writing something on the documents.   This time she was hurriedly allowed inside the room and told to put the ballots on a different table.  She was able to see that the employees were filling in bubbles on the ballots, moving the completed ballots to a new stack.  She said she witnessed this happening for over a minute before being told to leave the room.

The next day, Smith said she reported for work at 9:00 am, but when she returned from her normal lunch break, she was met at the entrance by a uniformed security guard and told she had been terminated.   She was forced to turn over her SOE credentials and told to never return, with no explanation.

Her sworn affidavit was signed, notarized and submitted on Thursday, November 3.

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Source: Dennis Michael Lynch