January 24, 2022

Get Ready for the ‘Fundamental Transformation of Barack Hussein Obama’

obama-mirrorGet ready for the ‘Fundamental Transformation of Barack Hussein Obama’.

Worm-like Obama will burrow his way into the 60-million-voter-strong Donald Trump Revolution, and will use the mainstream and social media to claim that it was his honorable intention all along.

Marxists, of which Obama is one,  are masters of The Fine Art of Projection.  They turn the tables on their enemies as they go, and because they’re conveniently hidden under the ID of “progressives”,  often get away with it.

Obama is that audacious and devious

Marxists lie but call it “Marxist dialectic”.  They cheat, even go so far as trying to obliterate the outcome of fairly-won elections and they steal , claiming they spread the wealth around when in reality they merely divvy it up among themselves.

Understanding clearly, now that Hillary Clinton didn’t bring him his third term in office; seeing that his gig is up two months before an Inauguration that drops him by the wayside, Obama will now pretend he’s always been part of the revolution that swept Trump into the Oval Office.

Yes, Obama is that audacious and devious.

With media support he will try to make out that he was always for—and never really against—Trump as America’s 45th, and many of the George Soros-paid activists indoctrinated to look upon Obama as the Messiah will believe him.

Before it’s all over—and it’s not really over until the assassination threatened Trump makes it past Inauguration—Obama will now claim that He is the one who got Trump elected.

Get up to speed.  Obama’s last word is always the one yet to come

If you’re one of the many who believed that Obama’s only days ago declaration that Trump was “not fit to serve as president” was his last word, get up to speed.  Obama’s last word is always the one yet to come.

He won’t go away on his own and will need to be firmly shoehorned out of the body politic.

Obama, who spent the entire month of October stumping for Clinton who would have delivered him his third term, is already out there doing the talking for Trump.

“Calling the office of the presidency “bigger than any one person,” President Obama on Monday said the influence America has on a global scale will not be erased by the outcome of one election and added that Donald Trump told him the U.S. would reaffirm its commitment to the NATO alliance. (Fox News, Nov. 14, 2016)

Before Trump could get the words out of his mouth, Obama was mouthing them for him.

“As a candidate for president, Trump said other members of the treaty organization did not contribute enough for the protections it gets in return. Trump’s position seemed to change on the topic in recent days. (Fox News)

“Obama called the president-elect’s new support of NATO “one of the most important functions” he will be able to relay during his upcoming three-country tour.

“There is no weakening of resolve,” Obama said.

There is no getting around that the office of the presidency was “bigger than any one person”  during the eight long years when Obama treated Congress as though it wasn’t there, and governed by signing midnight executive orders with an omnipresent pen, he boasted about.

Marxists hitching a ride on the Trump trainAs for Obama’s shifty ‘fundamental transformation’, many knew where this was all going the moment progressives in the Democrat Party suffered their most humiliating public defeat.; knew that before the curtain came down on the Democrats’  Final Act,  they’d all be riding hobo-like on the Donald J. Trump train.

They couldn’t beat him, but no one can stop them from hitching a ride on the Trump train.

While Trump and his administration work to drain the swamp, Obama and the globalist elite-managed Democrats will be sitting back like the rats they are waiting for the right moment to stage their next palace coup, their first being the 2008 election of their haughty leader.

They will use a complicit mainstream media, or at least what’s left of them,  to get the word out that they were always virtuously on Trump’s side.  Any and all of the uglies folk got to see during the vicious election campaign was all in their imagination. Why, they must be conspiracy theorists without even realizing it.

No one ever branded Trump a racist, an Islamophobe, a misogynist or said he was “unfit” to serve as president.  The mainstream media was not out to get The Donald.  They were out to get the Dems.

The Obama-Clinton cabal are Marxists and what Marxists have always managed best is the fine Art of Projection.

It’s always the other person’s fault.  America had no right to advance to the status of super power.

While Obama and the Dems, including George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren , Keith Ellison and other malcontents wait patiently to spring their next planned coup on America from the INSIDE, they’ve already arranged for millennial zombies rioting their way through American cities, to hold public attention from the OUTSIDE.

Patriots should never lose sight of the fact that Obama and the Democrats will not willingly give up on the riches that now come from the power of political life.

They will search out all ways to force themselves back on America and its people—no matter what.

That’s because they’re Marxists and because the takeover of Western Society is wired into their evil DNA.

Source: Canada Free Press
Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, and Glenn Beck.