January 19, 2021


OBAMA ENDS AIR WATCH ON DRUGS, ILLEGALSIf you had any lingering doubt that Obama was on-purpose trying to destroy America and Americans, and flood us with criminals, drugs, Jihadi, illegals, violence and death, then this new information could maybe tarnish the luster on your day.

“No Borders,” is a bad idea. That is, unless you’re a deranged liberal. The ones I’ve talked to seem to think these crimes on the border—of allowing illegal entry, catch, and release; or don’t even catch—are all just perfectly ducky. “I welcome all brothers and sisters,” they have said to me; whatever that means, I don’t know.

Whose brother? Whose sister? Oh, wait…I know, the 30 or 50 other family members each illegal could personally bring in. And then THEIR brothers and sisters.

Yeah. Right. Over the cold, dead body of America.

Oh. And talking to a liberal about ANYthing political is like talking to an inmate of a psychiatric center; and I have interviewed both categories. It makes me think there are only a few winning solutions to Liberalism and none of them would be popular; not with liberals, anyway. Don’t even bother trying to reason with them. They just move from one zombified state to the next zombified state. “Oh, Hillary lost? Well Trump is just a reality tv guy and he’s bad to women….”

Forget it. Forget them. But here’s what I was going to tell you:

From Breitbart.com (Nov. 18, 2016):

“The new orders by the Obama Administration to release Haitians caught at the border will only exacerbate the current situation since Mexican cartels are now coaching illegal aliens on how to game the U.S. immigration system, Border Patrol agents said.

“As Breitbart Texas reported, the current administration is moving to release hundreds of Haitians being held in detection centers in Arizona and California.The result of that release will be a new marketing tool for Mexican cartels and human smuggling organizations, said Hector Garza, National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 President during an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas.

“‘They are being told that all they have to do is request asylum and claim to be in fear and they will be released,’ said Garza who is a U.S. Border Patrol agent but is able to talk to the media in his capacity as local union president.

“In the case of Haitians, Breitbart Texas has reported on how they arrive to Mexico claiming to be African to receive a 20-day permit to pass through the country northward. With that permit, they have been arriving at U.S. international bridges requesting asylum.

“The move continues to overwhelm U.S. authorities as the number of asylum seekers continues to rise, adding more work to the already overwhelmed agents who, according to NBPC officials, [on purpose deprived by Obama] lack manpower, equipment, and help from Washington.”

And there’s this, also from Breitbart.com (Nov. 20, 2016):

“DHS officials quietly shutdown the military aerial support program known as Operation Phalanx…The DHS, which has a history of lying to the public about the actual situation along the Mexican border, asserted that illegal crossing have declined along the Texas-Mexico border…Breitbart Texas has reported extensively throughout the year about the increasing numbers of border crossing apprehensions…In the months leading up to the election of President-Elect Donald Trump, immigrants began flooding across the border at record numbers…Operation Phalanx utilized Nation Guard UH-72 Lakota helicopters specially equipped with night vision and other surveillance equipment…The shutdown of Operation Phalanx comes as [Obama’s personal, know-nothing sock puppet] Secretary Jeh Johnson’s term of service is about to come to an end. He will be replaced in January by a DHS Secretary selected by President-Elect Trump who has promised more aggressive action in securing the nation’s southern border….”

Jeh Johnson and Obama gone? Free at last! Free at last! Thank Father God Almighty for Donald Trump, because we are free at last!

That is…if Obama actually allows Trump to assume power; if he is not nullified by Obama’s Masters; if he is not harmed by the Marxist, Islamist, foreign Trillionaires and Rulers of Earth who finance and run this violent, sickening, entirely Democrat caper.

From around the web

Documentably, Democrat-paid, and controlled thugs

As I’ve said before, but feel the absolute need to hammer home; spread the word; post this; Face Book it; send it to your lists. Make this known; shine the lamp of Freedom upon it and on President Barack Hussein Obama’s oath, duty, charge, and responsibility:

NOTICE: to Barack Hussein Obama—with your personally chosen, three, Arabic names—AKA Barry Soetoro—if ANYTHING happens to Donald Trump, it can be said to be on your watch and on you. Because it’s YOUR Constitutional duty to protect the President Elect.

And your Secret Service is controlled by your guy, the aforementioned Jeh Johnson, Chief of DHS.

Ergo, President Obama: you control DHS, which controls the Secret Service, which is supposed to protect Trump. Therefore, if ANYthing happens to Trump, it could be your “unlimited liability,” as you lawyers sometimes put it.

60,000,000 people voted for Donald Trump. If anything happens to him, THEY will likely be inconsolable. And most of them have families, friends, voices, means of self-expression, and important connections.

So. It would seem best if you protected Trump. And you should probably begin by calling off these butt-smacked rioters—the documentably, Democrat-paid, and controlled thugs. You know: the ones who have physically attacked Trump’s white supporters, patriots, and various property.

“Uhhhhhh, that’s not who we are,” as you have said many times.

So, say something. Step forward and say something to them. Tell them to stop the violent rioting and physical attacks. Tell them: you know who; the ones paid for by faceless, foreign trillionaires.

The would-be Masters of Earth.

Source: Canada Free Press
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