June 1, 2020

John Kerry ATTACKS Israel for Over an Hour, Encourages Islamic Terror

I am listening to John Kerry demonize, marginalize and blame Israel for Islamic Jew-hatred and the failure of the “peace process.” He viciously attacked Jews living in the Jewish homeland. He does not address the failure by Muslim countries and the “Palestinians” to accept the Jewish state. Nowhere does Kerry state that since the establishment of modern Israel, “Palestinians” have refused to recognize its right to exist. Nowhere does Kerry state the the very reason for the existence of the “Palestinians” is the destruction of Israel.

His entire speech was a vicious attack on Israel and Jews living in the Jewish homeland. It was an extraordinary, terrible final curtain to a a disastrous presidency. To listen to Kerry deride the only democracy in the Middle East while he stood by while millions were slaughtered in Syria.

Kerry excoriated Israel for the failure of  the “two-state solution,” while it has been the only side that has repeatedly offered peace deals going so far as to offer Jerusalem. The Muslims responded with terror and more terror.


He went on to say that the vote against Israel in the UN last week was “in accordance with” US values. Actually it is a reflection of Obama’s values — betraying an ally and siding with jihad terrorists.

Kerry had the audacity to mention the trouble and the terror Iran was making in the region. It was the Obama administration that sanctioned and supported that terror.