January 26, 2021

Obama’s Probe Of Alleged Pro-Trump Russian Hacking Is A Smokescreen

Obama’s probe of alleged pro-Trump Russian hacking is a smokescreen

The only reason President Obama is insisting the FBI conduct a lightning-fast investigation of the fanciful allegation that Russia engaged in hacking to elect Donald Trump is to sabotage incoming President Trump.

The investigation has nothing to do with electoral integrity or national security. It has to do with payback and protecting Obama’s destructive, anti-American legacy.

Obama supports the Left’s efforts to delegitimize Trump, including the violent protests, failed recounts, claims about “fake news,” and intimidation of presidential electors

Obama is only pretending to be graceful and accepting of the verdict the American people rendered Nov. 8. He supports the Left’s efforts to delegitimize Trump, including the violent protests, failed recounts, claims about “fake news,” and intimidation of presidential electors.

Caroline Glick explains at FrontPageMag what’s really going on:

The investigation itself is unlikely to lead to any conclusive results. The FBI […] saw no evidence that Russian hacking was aimed specifically at assisting Trump’s campaign against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Despite this, Obama has chosen to make the probe the top priority of US intelligence agencies.

He urged them to finish their investigation before he leaves office. And, according to his deputy press secretary Eric Schultz, he aims to publicize as many the findings as he can.

Friday afternoon, Schultz said, “We’re going to make public as much as we can. As you can imagine, something like this might include sensitive and even classified information. When that report is submitted, we’re going to take a look. We want to brief Congress and the relevant stakeholders, possibly state directors.”

But why disclose the findings of an inconclusive investigation? There is only one reason to do so: to delegitimize the election results and so make the Trump administration radioactive for Democrats.

Once a pall of suspicion is cast over the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency by the outgoing Democratic White House, no self-respecting Democrat with a survival instinct will be willing to cooperate with the Trump administration.


If you thought the Left was petulant, vicious, and obnoxious during George W. Bush’s presidency, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Glick continues:

It is no coincidence that Obama ordered the probe hot on the heels of Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s failed recount bid. The purpose of Stein’s recount, for which she raised more money than she raised for her entire presidential campaign, was identical to the purpose of the probe. There was no chance that the recounts in the Rust Belt states that swerved toward Republicans and sealed Trump’s victory would change the election results. The point of the recount, like the espionage probe and the “fake news” meme, is to keep the faithful believing.

They may not have Congress. They may not have the White House. But by God, they are going to make the other guys choke on their victory.

This has become the purpose of the Left, not only in the US but throughout the Western world over the past decade or so. As their promised panaceas to their nations’ problems have failed one by one, in country after country, leftist politicians, ideologues, financiers and activists have kept their movements going not by offering alternative policies that might actually work or by suggesting that they work with their political and ideological opponents for the betterment of their countries. They have kept their faithful in the tent by feeding them a steady diet of hatred for the other side.

That’s all the Left is: an angry, hateful mob in the street.

Source: Canada Free Press