November 17, 2018


'Firefighter Prophet' Updates His Vision for Donald Trump's PresidencyWe at Bear Witness Central would like to congratulate you on your victory in the November 2016 general election. We believe that your election rescued the country from a continued state of decline. The Directors of Bear Witness Central continue to support your trade, economic, national security, and immigration policies. We also applaud a number of your Cabinet and non-Cabinet positions, such as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Lt.-General Michael Flynn, and others. We believe that they will serve as warriors in the effort to Make American Great Again.

We look with great concern regarding some of your recent Cabinet picks. Some of the nominees clearly supported policies at variance with your platform so faithfully supported by those who labored continuously to ensure your election. For example, we have concerns that your recent nominee for Labor Secretary Andrew Puzder would undercut your proposals to steam exploitation of cheap, foreign and illegal immigrant labor by unscrupulous employers. Mr. Puzder was also a supporter of President Obama’s amnesty program and Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign. There appears to be little commonality between your views on immigration and cheap labor and Mr. Puzder’s. Immigration and the issue of labor arbitrage from illegals and H-1B visa holders were some of the signature issues which garnered massive popular support for your campaign. Your closest supporters such as commentators Jeff Kuhner and Ann Coulter agree with us on that count. The Directors of Bear Witness Central respectfully implore you to ensure that your current and future Cabinet picks do not undermine your primary mission of an America First immigration and trade policy.

We urge you to aggressively checkmate the attempts by the Republican House leadership to undermine nationalist trade and immigration policies. One recent example of the House leadership sabotaging your vision was the deletion of Buy America provisions within the Water Resources Development Act. Instead of rewarding American companies and workers, Paul Ryan and the advocates of bad trade policies will continue the dependence on Red Chinese and Russian steel. This dependence also enriches regimes that are not friendly to the long range interests of the United States. We urge you to pressure the free trade Republicans and Speaker Paul Ryan to reverse course on this issue.

Lastly, we urge you to choose someone for Secretary of State and US Trade Representative who has the paramount interests of the United States in their heart of hearts. In our opinion, a Secretary of State and US Trade Representative with ties to globalist institutions and adherence to the ideas of economic globalization will not fit the bill in Making America Great Again. We remember the history of the Reagan Administration and how holdovers from the Bush-Nixon-Kissinger wing of the Republican Party undermined key aspects of Reagan’s foreign and national security policies. The Directors of Bear Witness Central would not like history to be repeated.

President-Elect Trump, we pray for your continued safety during the course of your transition and inauguration. We, the Bear Witness Central Directors, hope that you will nominate individuals who are unswervingly aligned with worldview for Cabinet posts. We also urge you to quietly recognize that there are Republicans out there who seek to undermine your goals to Make America Great Again. Please monitor these Republican leaders and elected officials very closely.

We, the Directors of Bear Witness Central, are confident that you will make the correct decisions in this respect.


Bear Witness Central Directors