June 3, 2020


hillary-clinton-crazyWhen I was a kid, my mother told me that if you could not be a good loser, then there’s no way you could be a good winner.

 Halle Berry

As I start thinking about what my hopes are for the Trump presidency, Cuba is in the forefront.    Our president elect gave mixed messages during his campaign.    He did in the past investigate possibilities of doing business with the regime on a casino.    This venture did not progress.    He stated support for the establishment of relations with the Castro’s with the caveat of achieving a better deal.    At a later visit to Miami, when talking to exile leaders he promised to cancel everything Obama had done re; Cuba.    Trump won Florida and with that the presidency.    The Cuban American vote was overwhelmingly in his favor, plus he had the support from the Bay of Pigs Association’s leadership that broke 53 years of precedence in a bold and risky move.    It is reasonable to assume that he will take some action.    I hope that at a minimum he cancels Obama’s latest orders permitting doing business directly with Castro and his military, and the direct sale to US tourists of products like cigars and rum, from industries that were stolen from their rightful owners.    Some other beneficial action would be reversing the tourism openings, the increase of remittances, and the abolition of the Cuban Adjustment Act a law that is a farce only helping funnel dollars to the Cuban rulers.    With these actions, and keeping the Embassy, our new president could restart talks that would not be one sided, and could force the Castro’s to really open up the small business sector, presently devoid of any legal rights of ownership, and at a minimum permit freedom of assembly and expression, in exchange for tourism and other measures that will provide Cuba with the financial help they badly need for surviving.    A lack of appropriate response should be met by harsher measures.

Another theme that has been bothering me is the “temper tantrums” thrown by the extreme left and ardent partisans that not only expresses an extremely bad message, but demonstrate an ignorance of what constitutes our Constitutional Republic, and what is the source of its greatness.     For instance, the accusation on the media about   assisting a candidate, fails to recognize history.    The first printed paper was initiated as a supporting tool by Thomas Jefferson, and so was the second newspaper by Andrew Jackson.    With time and after radio and TV, it became more of an investigative tool peaking in Watergate and returning to being biased after the Vietnam War.    Today there are multiple sources of “news” outlets and social media whose reporting should be doubted.      I think it is mostly a reflection of our spoiled population that rather than investigate on their own, are satisfied by repeating mostly falsehoods.    More concerning has been the response of the intellectual elite including educators and professionals that are accepting and promoting our children into feeling upset, angry, and to protest, and avoid classes in this election cycle, instead of using the event to teach them on the merits and uniqueness of our political system.    Most of the extreme left has undergone a personal crisis, with celebrities and athletes that have become millionaires by using our government structure attacking the same organism that allowed them to become rich.    It is easy to label the voters that supported Trump as uneducated, racist, white nationalists.    The so called liberal elite as always, deny the reality that most of these voters represent the working class that are rebelling against the status quo.    Indeed, we are facing a “new” nation, where speech is censored by “political correction”, students are taught that the First Amendment only applies to persons that agree with what they are taught, citizens are told what to eat, which health provider to visit, what car to drive, etc. and segregated by minority status.    Also, the traditional family unit is no longer, Christianity is attacked but the same is not permitted when other religions are criticized, alleging “discrimination”, and the newest “brain washing” aims to convince us that the anatomical differences between a man and a woman are just a figment of our imagination.    “We the people”, voted as a rebellion against the policies of those that are now in a state of cataplexy.    Whether the person chosen is the right one to achieve a palpable change or not is to be determined.    Time will tell, meanwhile I can’t deny that I am enjoying the meltdown of those that think they are the exclusive holders of the truth.