August 3, 2021

UTT’s 14 Recommendations for President Trump

Latest terrorist attacks in Berlin, Germany and Ankara, Turkey show that Islamic terrorists continue to try to kill officials and as many innocent people as possible throughout the western world.  America has been the target of many terrorists attacks, including the latest attack in Ohio State University and they will continue unless we do something about it.   UTT (Understanding the Threat), an organization dedicated to providing strategic and operational threat-focused consultation and training for federal, state and local leadership agencies has published 14 recommendations for President Trump.  These recommendations are listed below:

1. Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization

2. Indict unindicted co-conspirators in US v HLF beginning with ISNA, NAIT & CAIR

3. Implement the UTT strategy to systematically dismantle the Islamic Movement in the United
States and educate/train all federal, state, and local agencies on this threat whose duties
include law enforcement, intelligence, or security

4. Shut down the Refugee Resettlement program

5. Freeze all immigration into the U.S. for at least 5 years, and secure U.S. borders

6. Create a strategy to address and systematically dismantle the Marxist Movement in the United
States beginning with colleges/universities, as well as barring any Federal agency from
receiving training from Marxist groups (to include the Southern Poverty Law Center)

7. Criminally charge U.S. leaders and organizations who aid and abet America’s enemies

8. Rebuild U.S. Military forces, and eliminate all policies which put anything in front of the
military’s primary duty to fight and win wars

9. Dismantle U.S. tax code doing away with federal income tax over four years

10. Shut down all federal programs/agencies not specifically provided for in the U.S.

11. Institute Citizen Training Programs in elementary, junior high and high schools to teach and
reaffirm America’s true history, founding principles, and Godly heritage

12. Rebuild America’s broken Counterintelligence apparatus

13. Repeal the 17th Amendment

14. Outlaw foreign ownership of property inside the United States