July 14, 2020

CIA Director John Brennan and Donald J. Trump


On January 15, 2017, President-elect Donald J. Trump asked if CIA Director John Brennan himself was responsible for leaking a dossier of unverified information to the press about his alleged sexual activities in Russia. This question was raised by the President-elect after CIA Director John Brennan appeared on the “Fox News Sunday” program on January 15, 2017. Brennan criticized Donald Trump’s comparison of the intelligence community to Nazi Germany. Brennan said that such remarks by the Present-elect were “outrageous.” President-elect Donald Trump had said that the person working in the intelligence community who leaked the 35-page dossier of totally unverified information on him was acting in a similar fashion to a Nazi. Leaking by intelligence officials is, of course, illegal and a crime.


CIA Director John Brennan

John Brennan stated the following: “What I do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with Nazi Germany. I do take great umbrage with that and there is no basis for Mr. Trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly.”

President-elect Trump issued a series of tweets in which he questioned whether CIA Director Brennan was personally behind BuzzFeed’s recent publication of a 35-page dossier of totally unverified information on him. The President-elect does not appear to be convinced, in spite of the statements from John Brennan and from the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper earlier that the intelligence community had no involvement with the leaked dossier. Brennan stated in his interview with Fox News that “there is no interest in undermining the president-elect.”

Is the intelligence community out to get President-elect Trump?

Cliff Kincaid wrote an article titled “The CIA’s War on Trump, Continued” which was published in the website Accuracy in Media on January 13, 2017. The reporter pointed out that New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer warned that the intelligence community is out to “get” President-elect Trump. Kincaid wrote that “Daniel Benjamin, a Brookings Institution expert who served in the Clinton administration, says that Trump’s treatment of his spies will come back to bite him in the form of devastating leaks to the media that will make him look foolish or incompetent.”

Kincaid mentioned that Daniel Benjamin stated the following: “The intelligence community doesn’t leak as much as the Pentagon or Congress, but when its reputation is at stake, it can do so to devastating effect. Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community will come back to haunt him.” Benjamin did not deny that many believe that President Obama’s CIA and its director John Brennan were behind the recent leaks to The Washington Post and New York Times showing Donald J. Trump as a Russian puppet. The implication is that the CIA and the rest of the intelligence community will seek further revenge on President-elect Trump if he continues to criticize them.

At his recent news conference, Donald Trump said regarding the leaks about his meetings with intelligence officials, “I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. I think it’s pretty sad. First of all, it’s illegal. You know, these are classified and certified meetings and reports.”

Kincaid noted that “it appears that some intelligence officials believe they are above the law and can use illegal leaks to damage an elected President who has been critical of their work product.” BuzzFeed published a dossier of a leaked document offering unsubstantiated claims of Trump being sexually compromised by Russian officials. CNN summarized the document and BuzzFeed published it in its entirety.

President-elect Trump denounced these leaks with Director of the Office of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper said that he had called Trump about them and said his “profound dismay at the leaks that have been appearing in the press…” Clapper said that Donald J. Trump and him “both agreed that they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security.” Clapper added that he did not believe the leaks came from within the Intelligence Community.

Cliff Kincaid concluded his article by raising these two questions: “Is the CIA really the invisible government that the so-called conspiracy theorists have warned about? Is there a deep state that tries to run the government behind-the-scenes”? In a previous article, Kincaid said John Brennan voted for the Communist Party USA two years before he joined the CIA.


This writer’s book, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Radical Islam (2016), has a chapter regarding John Brennan and Islam.

Is CIA Director John Brennan a Wahhabi Muslim?

John Brennan CIA official portrait.jpg

President Barack Obama nominated John Brennan as director of the CIA in January 2013, following the resignation of General David Petraeus.

Who is John Brennan?

New sparks fly between CIA, Senate Intelligence Committee Tensions between the CIA and its congressional overseers erupted anew this week when CIA Director John Brennan refused to tell lawmakers who authorized intrusions into computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee to compile a damning report on the spy agency’s interrogation program. According to Wikipedia, John Owen Brennan was born on September 22, 1955. Brennan, the son of Irish immigrants, was born and raised in North Bergen, New Jersey. He attended the Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary School and graduated from St. Joseph of the Palisades High School in West New York, New Jersey. He graduated from Fordham University in New York City with a Bachelor of Arts in political science in 1977. During his junior year abroad, he learned Arabic while he was taking Middle Eastern studies subjects at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Brennan graduated with a Master of Arts in government with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 1980. He speaks Arabic fluently. Brennan is married to Kathy Pokluda Brennan. They have one son and twin daughters.

Wikipedia explained that Brennan’s 25 years with the CIA included work as a Near East and South Asia analyst, station chief in Saudi Arabia, and director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Brennan began his CIA career as an analyst at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. In 1996, he was the CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when the bombing of the Khobar Towers killed 19 U.S. servicemen.

In 1999, Brennan was appointed chief of staff to George Tenet, who was then Director of the CIA. Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA in March 2001.

John Brennan served as an advisor to Barack Obama on foreign-policy and intelligence issues during the 2008 presidential campaign and transition. In 2009, President Barack Obama wanted to nominate Brennan for director of the Central Intelligence Agency. However, Obama was forced to withdraw his nomination over concerns regarding the support of Brennan of the CIA’s rendition and forceful interrogations, such as water boarding under President George W. Bush. Instead, Brennan was appointed Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and counterterrorism and assistant to the president, a position which did not require Senate confirmation. His responsibilities included overseeing plans to protect the country from terrorism and respond to natural disasters and he met with the President daily.

President Barack Obama nominated Brennan as director of the CIA on January 7, 2013, following the resignation of General David Petraeus. The ACLU called for the Senate not to proceed with the appointment until it could be confirmed that “all of his conduct was within the law” at the CIA and White House. John Brennan was confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 5, 2013 by a vote of 12 to 3.

Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/52/John_Brennan_briefs_Kathleen_Sebelius_on_H1N1_4-28-09.jpg/220px-John_Brennan_briefs_Kathleen_Sebelius_on_H1N1_4-28-09.jpg

Brennan is sitting with Kathleen Sibelius and Rahm Emanuel at the White House in April 2009.

Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/97/FEMA_-_41223_-_President_Obama_visits_FEMA_headquarters.jpg/220px-FEMA_-_41223_-_President_Obama_visits_FEMA_headquarters.jpg

Brennan is sitting next to the president at a meeting of the Homeland Security Council in May 2009.

Wikipedia pointed out that in August 2009, Brennan criticized some of the anti-terror policies of the George W. Bush administration, saying that water boarding had threatened national security by increasing the recruitment of terrorists and decreasing the willingness of other nations to cooperate with the United States. He also described the focus of the Obama administration of calling terrorists as being “extremists” and not “jihadists.” Brennan said that using the second term, which means one who is struggling for a holy goal, gives “these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek” and suggests the United States is at war with the religion of Islam.

This appeasement of terrorists by the Obama administration and Brennan by changing their name was completely ignored by everyone all terrorists are known as jihadists. In February 2010, he said on Meet the Press that he was tired of Republican members of Congress using national security issues as political footballs and making allegations when they did not know the facts.

President Obama has already stated that he has full confidence in John Brennan in spite of the CIA scandal of the hacking of Senate’s computers. The president is not interested in finding out whether John Brennan committed perjury by stating that the CIA had done nothing wrong. Why did Obama protect his CIA director?

Jack Cashill wrote an article regarding Jerome Corsi book, Where is the Birth Certificate? Cashill wrote the following regarding this book: “In March 2008, contract employees for the State Department were caught breaching the passport files of the three still viable presidential candidates, Obama, McCain, and Hillary Clinton. While the media allowed Obama to pontificate about the sanctity of confidential records, they spared the public the knowledge that Obama’s file was uniquely visited on three occasions and that that visitor just happened to work for Obama adviser John Brennan, now Deputy National Security Adviser. Two weeks later, Obama disclosed for the first time that he had visited Pakistan in 1981, a fact curiously missing from both of his books.  The media predictably averted their gaze.”

Did Brennan’s employee, who had access to the passport records, destroyed Obama’s mother passport? This passport has mysteriously disappeared. At the time Brennan’s company had a contract with the State Department to assist with the processing of passports. If so, Obama has a large debt to Brennan. What if Obama’s mother´s passport had indicated that she was in Kenya when he was born? Of course, since the passport disappeared, we will never know, but it makes one wonder. Obama may have something else in common with Brennan. Both of them may be hidden radical Muslims and extreme leftists.

Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/51/John_Brennan_swearing_in_as_CIA_Director.jpg/220px-John_Brennan_swearing_in_as_CIA_Director.jpg

Brennan is being sworn in as CIA Director on March 8, 2013 after being confirmed by the Senate.

Is John Brennan a Muslim with a dangerous worldview who is unfit to serve as Director of the CIA?

Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America

John Guandolo the author of Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America (2013).

Drew Zahn wrote an article entitled “Shock Claim: Obama Picks Muslim for CIA Chief,” which was published on WND on February 10, 2013. Zahn explained that John Guandolo, a former Marine and combat veteran and an expert on Islam who worked for the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division for eight years, stated that John Brennan is a converted Muslim.

The reporter explained that Guandolo was being interviewed by Tom Trento on the radio when he stated the following: “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia. That fact alone is not what is most disturbing. His conversion to Islam was the culmination of a counterintelligence operation against him to recruit him. The fact that foreign intelligence service operatives recruited Brennan when he was in a very sensitive and senior U.S. Government position in a foreign country means that he’s either a traitor… Or he has the inability to discern and understand how to walk in those kinds of environments, which makes him completely unfit to be the director of Central Intelligence.”

“Are you kidding me?” Trento told John Guandolo. “The head of the CIA is a Muslim? For real? Are you sure?”

Guandolo replied, “Yes, I am.” Guandolo then stated the following: “The facts of the matter are confirmed by United States government officials who were also in Saudi Arabia at the time that John Brennan was serving there and has direct knowledge. These are men who work in very trusted positions. They were direct witnesses to this growing relationship with individuals who work for the Saudi government and others and they witnessed his conversion to Islam.”

He told Tom Trento on a radio interview the following: “My contention is that Brennan is wholly unfit for government service in any national security capacity, and that would specifically make him unfit to be director of Central Intelligence. First, he has interwoven his life professionally and personally with individuals that we know are terrorists. He has overseen and approved and encouraged others to bring known leaders of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood into the government in positions to advise the United States government on counterterrorism strategy as well as the overall War on Terror.”

“Second, Brennan has proven through his own comments publicly that he is clueless and grossly ignorant of al-Qaeda’s strategy. Third and finally, what some would say is the most disturbing, is that Brennan did convert to Islam. I think the larger news is that that conversion is the culmination of the work of people in Saudi Arabia who worked for the Saudi government, and that makes John Brennan just naïve, foolish, dangerously ignorant and totally unfit for this position. That in and of itself, again, shouldn’t be shocking to people. Mr. Brennan. They have the clip where he specifically says during a public address… He said during that speech that he has learned and gets his understanding of his worldview in large part from Islam. It shouldn’t be a large lead to imagine he has converted to Islam.”

President Barack Obama pardoned the traitor Bradley/Chelsea Manning

President Obama and the Democrats have been criticizing for several weeks the leaks published by Julian Assange in WikiLeaks that were damaging to the corrupt Hillary Clinton. Those criticisms regarding leaks did not matter to Obama when it was done by a traitor Army soldier.

On January 17, 2017, the president commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence to a total of seven years of confinement dating from the date of arrest. Manning will be released on May 17, 2017. Obama’s own Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and the military were opposed to the commutation of Manning, who severely damaged America’s national security. It set a terrible precedent for future traitors who may leak or share national secrets.

House of Representative Speaker Paul Ryan called it “just outrageous,” tweeting that “Chelsea Manning’s treachery put American lives at risk and exposed some of our nation’s most sensitive secrets.” He accused Obama of setting a “dangerous precedent.” Alabama Senator Tom Cotton said Manning should be treated like a traitor, not a martyr.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence said this pardon was a mistake since Private Manning compromised the national security of the United States. Senator Marco Rubio and other Republicans in Congress denounced this shameful pardon made by Obama. Democrats in Congress maintained their silence.

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning was born as Bradley Edward Manning in 1987. Manning is a transgender woman who said she had felt female since childhood and wanted to be known as Chelsea.

Chelsea Manning was formerly Bradley Manning, an Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses. Manning gave over more than 700,000 classified U.S. military documents to WikiLeaks. These documents included battlefield reports from Afghanistan and Iraq and State Department’s cables. Manning was sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years of imprisonment.


Bradley Manning



Chelsea Manning


President Barack Obama and many Democratic politicians have criticized for weeks the leaks published by Julian Assange in WikiLeaks given to him by Russia that were damaging the corrupt Hillary Clinton. However, criticisms regarding leaks did not matter to Obama when it was done by a traitor Army soldier since the outgoing president shamefully commuted his 35 years sentenced by a court martial.

It is quite obvious that John Brennan shares with the president his love for Islam, which is much more that a religion, as it is a way of life with Shariah law. Similar to the president, Brennan wants to bring more members of the Muslim Brotherhood into the government of the United States. This dangerous and outrageous treason have been denounced by many high-ranking retired admirals and generals as well as by this author.

It does not surprise this author that CIA Director Brennan may be behind those leaks with false information as Donald J. Trump suspects. Trump has said many times that he does not want to accept Muslims from nations that have many Islamic terrorists. Brennan perhaps resents Trump’s victory as much as his boss Obama.

For the sake of America’s national security, Donald J.Trump needs to fire Brennan and the Senate needs to confirm quickly Congressman Mike Pompeo as the new CIA Director.