February 25, 2020

New Hollywood Blacklist: Oppose Trump or Face Career Ruin, Racism, Sexism, Threats

The original Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s was at least open and honest. There was a list, you were named, and you were informed. As immoral and indefensible as it was, those who were blacklisted at least knew where they stood.

Today’s Hollywood Blacklist is quite different. Yes, your career is still threatened, but no one has the moral courage to come right out and say so. Instead, the phone stops ringing as often or altogether. Meanwhile, you will find yourself publicly attacked as a racist by corporate fascists like The Hollywood Reporter, or publicly smeared and ridiculed by A-list directors like Joss Whedon.

The most deafening silence, though, comes in the form of no one coming to your defense. None of your fellow performers rush forward to defend your right to your beliefs, there are no Variety/Hollywood Reporter/Deadline/Wrap editorials expressing outrage over this return to the bad old days of McCarthyism.

Nope, you are just left out there to twist in the Blacklist Wind of career ruin, boycott threats, death threats, and slurs of the racist and sexist variety.

The message to you is not even subtle: Recant your ThoughtCrime or face career oblivion.

The message to the rest of the entertainment community is just as brazen: Step off the ThoughtPlantation and this will happen to you.

As you will see in the list below, with Donald Trump headed for the Oval Office, even if you express support for something as harmless as American democracy, and do so without expressing support for Trump, you are treated as a ThoughtViolator.


“I’m out of it now,” Nicole Kidman told Access Hollywood Friday; meaning, the intimidation campaign against the Oscar-winner had worked. She would now shut up in her call, not in support of Trump, but in her support of American democracy.  And what was Kidman’s sin against the fascist Left that now controls almost all of Hollywood? Instead of vehemently opposing Trump and questioning his legitimacy, she said the following:

I just say, [Trump‘s] now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever’s the president because that’s what the country’s based on.

The backlash was immediate and fierce, and there is no question Kidman’s career was threatened when Joss Whedon, one of the most powerful director’s working today (“The Avengers”), tweeted this out and faced no backlash:

Outside of declaring her a “tard,” Whedon is mocking Kidman’s looks, which, if you are politically-approved within the Hollywood community, is a big no-no.

Undoubtedly worried about her career, Kidman (who was born in Hawaii) had no choice but to voluntarily return to the ThoughtPlantation and correct her WrongThink. She also promised to never-ever do it again:

“I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy, and the American constitution. It’s that simple,” she said.

“I’m just, I’m out of it now,” she continued.


Although she has performed for presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Broadway singer Jennifer Holliday was bullied into canceling an appearance at Trump’s Inauguration celebration Friday. Publicly, Holliday claimed this was based on her decision “to stand with the LGBT Community,” which makes little sense. After all, Trump is the most pro-gay Republican in history.

Privately, TMZ learned, Holliday was intimidated by death threats:

“It was all of those things. She wasn’t scared to perform. She didn’t want to put her family at risk based on the death threats and she also didn’t want to offend the LGBT community which was especially upset that a past ally would perform on a program with President-Elect Donald Trump.”

Just prior to  her cancellation, Holliday confirmed that she was facing the worst kind of racial bullying and slurs:

I’ve spent all day yesterday and all last night reading all the terrible things that people were saying about me.

And even being called by my own black people a “n—er,” a “house n—er,” “c—n, “Uncle Tom,” people suggesting I should kill myself, a “traitor,” all kinds of things. It was very frightening and very alarming and overwhelming, as well, to see those kinds of things about you. It’d be different if I’m out there all the time trying to make headlines or something.


Opera star Andrea Bocelli was also intimidated out of a scheduled performance at Trump’s Inauguration.

On top of boycott threats, the blind tenor also received death threats.


The B-Street Band, a 37-year-old Bruce Springsteen cover band, told Rolling Stone they decided to cancel their Inauguration appearance in order to “get out of the storm,” part of that storm was started by real members of the E-Street Band:

Garry Tallent, the E Street Band’s founding bassist, tweeted, in response to news of the B-Street band’s appearance, “Please tell me this is more fake news. Or at least a joke.” Steven Van Zandt, the group’s outspoken guitarist, tweeted of the B-Street Band, “Nice guys. Met them. I wouldn’t say right or wrong. Up to them. But it’s naive to think one can separate Art and Politics. Art IS Politics.”

Forte agrees. “All this stuff made it clear to us that this event is not worth it,” he says. “It’s just a job to us. We’re just trying to hold up a contract. We’re not trying to prove anything. We’re just a fun band! …

“We’re standing out in the storm right here,” he told the band. “We gotta get out of the storm.”

In the past few days, they had started to feel isolated because, as Forte says, “the story was so distorted.” “There were misleading headlines like, ‘Trump Hires B-Street Band,'” he says. “We felt like we were out on our own on an island.”

“Isolated” and under siege.

That is exactly how the New Blacklist works.


As I detailed yesterday, on the same day Harvey met with Trump, no less than The Hollywood Reporter smeared Harvey as a racist.

Source: The Daily Wire