October 3, 2023

SORE LOSER PARTY: At Least 20% of Remaining House Democrats to Skip Trump Inauguration

What a sad lot.

The Sore Loser Party is Boycotting Trump Inauguration

This morning FOX News updated their list of Democratic lawmakers who are boycotting the Trump Inauguration on Friday.

So far more than 40 Democrats have announced their intention of boycotting the peaceful transfer of power.

In 2009 Democrats held 235 seats in the US House of Representatives when Obama took office.
(111th Congress)

After eight years of Obama there are only 194 Democrats left in the US House of Representatives.

That means more than 20% of Democrats are boycotting the Trump Inauguration.

The Cry Baby Party is having a rough time adjusting to the fact that they have become a coastal minority party.