May 22, 2019

Kelly: Risk Of ‘Thousands’ Of Islamic Terrorists Entering Homeland

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly warned of “thousands” of Islamic terrorists having access to travel documents – presumably stolen and/or counterfeit passports – which they could use to enter the United States via Western Europe.

In testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday, Kelly explained his risk assessment:

VideoTrump Travel Ban Thwarts Terrorist Threats

“The ban was based on countries that we don’t have any real confidence in, right now, that they can help us vet people to come to the United States; countries that are clearly in disarray. We know, as an example in the Syrian case, there are thousands of fighters… who are available – and we have pretty good confidence – have the kind of papers that could get them passed into Western Europe, and certainly by extension into the United States. So the threat is real.”

Kelly made the above statement while being questioned by Rep. James Langevin’s (D-RI), who described President Donald Trump’s executive order regarding “extreme vetting” of foreigners seeking entry to America as “not [being] based on specific credible evidence of a threat.”

Langevin also alleged that Trump’s executive order would “[place] troops in harm’s way,” without explaining his reasoning. Democrats and the broader left continually warn against discussion or implementation of national security policies that they allege would anger Islamic terrorists or Muslims more broadly.

Watch the video below.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and other Democrats and left-wing figures have advanced the aforementioned narrative of Islamic terrorists – specifically the Islamic State (ISIS) – enjoying a boon of recruitment from conservative and right-wing counter terrorism policies in America.

CNN, TIME and a myriad of other left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets have also advanced the aforementioned narrative, implicitly advocating for appeasement of Islamic terrorists.

Various news media outlets – mostly British – have published reports of Islamic terrorists using “fake passports” to enter to enter Europe. The European Police Office’s (the law enforcement arm of the European Union superstate) top officer confirmed that Islamic terrorists are using fake documents to enter Europe.

H/T Tal Kopan at CNN

Source: The Daily Wire