October 18, 2018

WikiLeaks Released Thousands Documents from the CIA

On March 7, 2017 Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks released 8,761 documents and files from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence dated between 2013 and 2016 that allegedly exposed CIA software tools used to break into technology such as smartphones, internet-connected televisions and computer operating systems, and message applications. The WikiLeaks massive release of documents and files could be the worst breech in the CIA’s history.

WikiLeaks indicated that the stolen documents are only 1% of what it has and later other documents will be dumped. It also pointed out that the classified information is bigger in size and significance than the collection of National Security Agency documents revealed by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. This really hurts America’s national security and the theft occurred when Obama was president and the Marxist Wahhabi Muslim John Brennan was his CIA Director.

Senator John McCain (Republican from Arizona) was very concerned at WikiLeaks’ threat to release the CIA code. “It’s of the utmost seriousness. If they can hack the CIA they can hack anybody,” he told the Daily News on March 7. “They’ve shown a capability that they can hack into our most important secrets, our most important classified material. That’s what bothers me.” Senator McCain said he wanted to see a “greater emphasis” from the Trump administration in dealing with the issue, and speculated that Russia may have been involved, given its previous ties to WikiLeaks.

Senator John McCain and others need to be equally concerned with the shameful spying on Americans by the CIA!

Julian Assange is the founder of anti- secrecy organization WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange alleged to have received the files — nicknamed “Vault 7” — from a former CIA contractor, saying that the “archive appears to have been circulated by former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner.” Assange is a traitor but at least he informed Americans to the extent of the CIA spying on Americans.

On March 8, 2017, Paul Sonne wrote an article titled “CIA Tapped Holes in Devices, WikiLeaks Dump Allegedly Reveals” which was published in the Wall Street Journal. Sonne explained that the stolen CIA documents and files indicate that the agency was able to hack into many popular consumer products, including Apple’s iOS, the mobile operating system used on iPhones. Hacking tools for the iPhone are considered especially valuable because the technology is so widely used. One particular hacking tool appears to remain on an iPhone even after it has been rebooted, which would make it particularly valuable to a hacker.

Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters is located in McLean, Virginia.

Sonne pointed out that many of the documents posted by WikiLeaks posted includes entries for tools such as Shoulder Surfer, which can extract data from a Microsoft Exchange database without the need for credentials, and Weeping Angel, a joint program with British intelligence to hack Samsung’s internet-connected television and transform it into a covert listening device. The documents also showed how the CIA developed the ability to activate the camera and microphone of a person’s smartphone covertly and surreptitiously retrieve an individual’s geolocation, audio and text communications. This writer owns an Apple smartphone and the most modern Samsung television and it is an outrage that CIA could spy on him!

Shane Harris and Paul Sonne wrote an article titled “WikiLeaks Dumps Trove of Purported CIA Hacking Tools” which was published in the Wall Street Journal on March 8, 2017. The reporters said that one intelligence source indicated that some of the information WikiLeaks released involves the tools that the CIA uses to hack computers and other devices. This person said disclosing the information would jeopardize ongoing intelligence-gathering operations.

Congressman Devin Nunes

Congressman Devin Nunes (Republican from California and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee), said the United States was “early on” in an investigation into the matter and described the leaks as “very, very serious.” “We are extremely concerned,” Mr. Nunes said. Again, he should also be concerned by the massive spying by the CIA on Americans.

Harris and Sonne explained that one intelligence source said some of the information WikiLeaks released pertains to tools that the CIA uses to hack computers and other devices. This person said disclosing the information would jeopardize ongoing intelligence-gathering operations. WikiLeaks said the CIA had “lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal” and characterized the archive as “an extraordinary collection” of more than several hundred million lines of code. The ripped off documents and files is likely to disrupt or halt many ongoing intelligence operations, said a former intelligence officer who has worked on cyber espionage, and could implicate the CIA in past operations, including some that might be under investigation in foreign countries where the agency was spying.

Harris and Sonne explained the following: “One CIA group revealed in the documents, known as Umbrage, maintains a library of malicious software components taken from commercial and foreign sources found in-the-wild. So far, security experts have found evidence in this trove that the CIA collected malware components believed to have been used by foreign countries. This library appears to give the CIA the ability to deploy hacking tools and techniques that have been known to work in operations by other countries overseas, said one former Western intelligence official. The Umbrage library would also provide a useful reference for identifying foreign hackers trying to penetrate U.S. systems, said a former U.S. intelligence officer. And it could also be used to mask a U.S. operation and make it appear that it was carried out by another country, the former officer said. That could be accomplished by inserting malware components from, say, a known Chinese, Russian or Iranian hacking operation into a U.S. one.”

The Wall Street editorial

On March 8, 2017 the Wall Street Journal wrote the following editorial:

“Tuesday’s (March 7) WikiLeaks dump of a major chunk of what it claims is the CIA’s “hacking arsenal” ought to be an eye-opener for anyone still laboring under the delusion that WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange or former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden are not out to weaken the United States. This leak of CIA documents appears to disclose for America’s enemies a key advantage against the asymmetric threats of this new century: better technology that provides better intelligence. WikiLeaks says the 8,761 documents and files were ripped off from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Virginia. It further says these documents were circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors—and that one of them shared the info with WikiLeaks. So far former government officials quoted in news reports say the leaked information looks genuine, and the WikiLeaks press release promised more to come.”

“Much of this WikiLeaks dump deals with ways the CIA has found to get into electronic devices such as iPhones and Android phones. These methods include—as Edward Snowden clarified in a tweet—end runs around the encryption of such popular apps as Signal or WhatsApp without having to crack the apps themselves. The leaks also expose other areas of CIA interest such as an agency effort to hack into the control panels of cars and trucks. Another tool exposed by the leaks turned Samsung Smart TVs into microphones that could then relay conversations back to the CIA even when the owner believed the set was off.”

“The losses from this exposure are incalculable. These tools represent millions of dollars of investment and man-hours. Many will now be rendered moot as terrorists or foreign agents abandon traceable habits. Merely because America’s enemies are barbaric—think al Qaeda or Islamic State—does not mean they are stupid. One reason it took so long to hunt down Osama bin Laden is because he took pains to establish a sophisticated communications system to evade U.S. intelligence tracking. The costs will also include the time and effort U.S. intelligence agencies will now have to expend investigating how the information was lost. This includes retracing any missed computer hacks and trying to find out who stole and released the secrets.”

“Some on the political left and right want to treat Messrs. Snowden and Assange as heroes of transparency and privacy. But there is no evidence that U.S. spooks are engaging in illegal spying on Americans. The CIA’s spying tools are for targeting suspected terrorists and foreign agents. As for WikiLeaks, note how it never seems to disclose Chinese or Russian secrets. The country they loathe and want to bring low is America.”

The National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on Americans

The nation has been aware since 2013 that National Security Agency (NSA) collected tens of thousands emails from Americans over the years. The NSA collected Internet communications from fiber optic cables, and in the process, gathered thousands of emails and other Internet activities by Americans. NSA said that such collections were inadvertent.

The Americans who were spied upon did not have any ties to terrorism, according to the documents that were declassified by the Obama administration on August 21, 2013. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, declassified these documents after a directive by President Barack Obama to try to reduce the growing public consternation over the government’s enormous surveillance programs. This information, instead of reducing the increasing concerns, would only add more fuel to the fire as more and more people are now aware that our nation is becoming surveillance or a police state.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) that supervises NSA surveillance programs had ruled the program unconstitutional, forcing the NSA to change its practices. The chief judge of the court, John Bates, stated in his ruling that it was the third instance in less than three years in which the NSA had disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of the program.

In 2013 Democratic and Republican legislators reacted with great concerns at this news. Senator Tom Udall, Democrat from New Mexico, stated the following: “Mass collection of Americans emails without a warrant is unacceptable, and I believe it is unconstitutional. We need to ensure the government is focused on foreign threats and terrorism, not mass collection of communication by innocent American citizens.”

Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee and the top Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, wrote a letter on August 22, 2013 to President Obama asking for a briefing for senators by September 13, 2013 of all surveillance programs. Senator Corker stated the following: “Given the scope and scale of the disclosures to date, and a significant likelihood of more to come, it is now all the more important that the administration come to Congress and provides a full accounting of the totality of these efforts.”

On August 21, 2013 The Wall Street Journal reported that former officials of intelligence agencies have revealed that our government have built a surveillance system with the capacity to reach as much as 75% of the U.S. Internet traffic and that, in some cases, it retains the content. President Obama has refused the request by many in Congress to overhaul Section 702 of the 2008 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments. This law permits the NSA to search vast databases of individual Americans emails without court warrants. This is, of course, another violation of the Constitution by President Obama.

The Obama White House tried to contain the damage from these alarming revelations. Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted that the federal government does not spy on Americans. The Obama administration for many months decided not to make this information public, insisting that each branch of government was properly informed about American phone and Internet surveillance programs. Who can trust the Obama White House when it is repeatedly lying as well as engaging in cover-ups of all of these illegal spying activities.


The spying by the NSA was going on at the same time that the CIA’s was also spying on Americans from 2013 to 2016 using tools used to break into technology such as smartphones, internet-connected televisions and computer operating systems, and message applications.

This writer was a victim of the Obama administration constant spying. He has written six books on Obama and his corrupt administration and many articles that is why he was being harassed and intimidated. On December 20, 2015 at 12:30 a.m., this writer sent the information for the back cover of his book, Obama, Hillary, and Radical Islam through his two private and one free email to the publishing house and it was rejected again and again. When the publisher sent him an email it was also rejected, in an effort to impede communications.

As the United States continuous on the road to a totalitarian society during the Obama years critics like this writer and others were tried to be silence. This writer wrote six books on Barack Obama, three of them in Spanish—¿Obama o McCain? (2008), El Verdadero Obama: Sus conexiones marxistas, socialistas y radicales (2010), and ¿Obama o Romney? (2012). America in Decline (2014), Obama, Hilary, and Radical Islam (2016), and The Gathering Threat of Russia, China, and Their Allies Against America (2016) were written in English.

In a nation of over 55 million Hispanics, this writer was the only American of Cuban origin who has strongly criticized the president in books and articles in both English and Spanish published in various websites, newspapers, and magazines since 2008. He has exposed the past of America’s most radical president in history and has denounced the many scandals, crimes, and acts of treason committed by the Obama administration.

This writer is frequently interviewed by local and national radio and television stations, including NTN 24 from Bogotá, Colombia which is seen in Latin America and the United States. On December 18, 2014, this writer was being interviewed in Spanish by a radio station in Orlando (which interviews him once and sometimes twice a week) that has 25,000 watts. The station has a large audience in central Florida and along part of the I-4 corridor. On that day, when this writer began to criticize the Obama administration for illegally lifting most of the Cuban embargo in violation of the Helms Burton Law, the station was put off the air for an hour and 45 minutes.

In another situation, this writer was explaining in an interview by a reporter from the same station the terrorist links of the president’s brother, Malik Obama, when the lights went off. The strange situation is that those things only happen when he is being interviewed. He suspects that what is being done is to force the station to stop interviewing him.

This writer also speaks in many cities in Florida and at national conferences. Why is he such a threat to the Obama administration? Do we as citizens have not the right to criticize and denounce those who we elect into office? If the government intimidate, harasses, and spies, Americans for covering the many scandals of the Obama administration, can Americans truly say that they live in a law-abiding Constitutional Republic?

Many strange things have happened to this writer which leads him to believe that in the United States during the Obama years Americans were living in, at best, a surveillance nation and, more likely, in a police state. This writer felt that during the years of Obama administration he was living back in Cuba, his native country, and was being spied upon by the secret police of that tyrannical regime. This writer has been the victim of the many illegal actions most probably perpetrated by the Obama administration or hackers or spies who are his supporters. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects Americans the right to be free in their own homes from unreasonable governmental intrusion. More than likely the Obama administration or his followers have taken that right away from this writer.
One day this writer was writing in Microsoft Word in his personal computer at home an article called “Is China a Gathering Threat to our National Security,” which was later published in the website bwcentral.org on March 18, 2014 and in a book. This writer was explaining in his article that in March 2009 the U.S. Navy ship, the Impeccable, a surveillance ship, was sailing about 70 nautical miles from the submarine base in Hainan Island, China when it was confronted by 10 Chinese Navy ships.

The Chinese dropped planks into the water and forced the U.S. ship to stop. Chinese sailors used long poles to smash the surveillance instruments that were being towed behind the ship. The Impeccable was harassed for some time until it retreated from the area. To add insult to injury, the Chinese crew of one of the ships dropped their pants and showed their bare bottoms in the direction of the Americans. This, of course was an act of war.

Much to his surprise, an article on the very same topic that he was writing appeared, unexpectedly and without explanation, in the middle of his own article. It was an article written by Bill Gertz three months earlier entitled “Chinese Naval Vessel Tries to Force U.S. Warship to Stop in International Waters.” This article had been published on the Washington Free Beacon website on December 13, 2013.

Bill Gertz explained that on December 5, 2013 the guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens was sailing in international waters in the South China Sea, which China has illegally claimed as its territory. The U.S. warship was following the Chinese aircraft carrier the Liaoning at the time. According to American officials, a Chinese Navy vessel ordered the cruiser USS Cowpens to stop. The cruiser refused the order because it was operating in international waters and continued on its course. Suddenly, a Chinese tank landing ship sailed in front of the cruiser and stopped, forcing the U.S. Naval vessel to abruptly change its course in what became a dangerous maneuver. This was another act of war which President Obama ignored.

This writer was stunned that someone, who was reading every word of his article, sent him another article into his computer regarding a Navy ship which had also been harassed by the Chinese navy. Obviously, the spy wanted to help him write a better article and also let him know also that he was being spied upon. This writer will forever be thankful to that spy. However, it was too bad that the spy did not become a whistleblower and let the nation know how journalists or author of books, are being spied in violation of the First of the Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

For months before this incident, occasionally, when this writer would write an article with a subject that criticized the Obama administration and he would attempt to send it through his Yahoo e-mail, the blue beach ball would go on turning forever and his article would not be sent. However, if he would come back later to his computer and change the words of the subject, such as to “Hola,” the same article would be sent without any difficulty. This writer has spoken to other journalists and writers who have told him the same thing has happened to them

It is also happening to people who are simply sharing articles written by others. Obviously, someone reads what Americans write or share and, if not in agreement with the Obama administration, the information would not allow to be sent. This is absolutely illegal and outrageous!

Much more serious things have happen to him. Oftentimes, someone rewrites the e-mails that this writer sent from his private computer to someone else’s private computer. This is being done in an effort to impede his communications with others. Additionally, e-mails that are sent to him are often intercepted so he does not receive them.

He wrote seven e-mails to an individual who invited him to present his book, America in Decline (2014), to a Republican club in in Central Florida. His e-mail was sent from Yahoo and it was changed electronically by adding the following: “Please reply to frankdevaroma@hotmail.com.” His last name was misspelled and that e-mail does not exist. Later on, he was able to speak to the person who had invited him and he was able to schedule the presentation. This is quite dangerous as someone could write an e-mail from his private computer to a criminal and then he could be blamed for something he did not write. This is actually very scary and he felt that he was living in the nation described by George Orwell’s novel 1984.

About four or five ago, this writer received the visit of an FBI agent at his house who asked him questions about his back door neighbor. He had the feeling that the agent was interested in him and not his neighbor, although he could have been wrong. This writer showed the FBI agent the books that he had written on Barack Obama to let him know that he were not afraid. Months later someone entered his house and left the back door unlocked and nothing was stolen, leading him to suspect that illegal microphones may have been placed inside his house. It will not surprise this writer if his phone lines have been hacked and bugged.

This writer is the South Florida director of a Patriot organization called Bear Witness Central. His organization has two websites, one in English, www.bwcentral.org, and one in Spanish, www.libertadusa.com. Both of the websites are under constant cyber-attack and are frequently disabled in spite of the many firewalls that have installed. Bear Witness Central has received over 100,000 cyber-attacks in a three-day period in the English website. On one occasion all of videos were erased and frequently all this writer over 400 articles are erased. Sadly, all his articles have currently disappear again!

Another director of Bear Witness Central and this writer received a threating message from an Islamic radical from Europe soon after they spoke in a C-Span televised national conference. They both had to notify their police departments, which in turn notified the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

This writer computer and printer have been destroyed and on one occasion the entire list of his e-mail contacts was erased. He often needs to request the services of a computer technician to repair his computer and printer.

Why is this writer being treated as a criminal when he is a patriot who is concerned about what is happening in America and the increasing threats by enemy nations and Islamic radicals to America’s national security? As a United States citizen, his First and Fourth Amendments were violated with impunity during the Obama years. Why was someone trying to silence this writer and interfere with his communications with others? America changed radically after Barack Obama came to power in January 2009.

It looks more and more that our nation is using the same tactics done by the KGB in the Soviet Union or Russia as well as the former Stasi secret police of East Germany and Seguridad del Estado, the secret police of Cuba. During the Obama years America looked more like the Big Brother society described in George Orwell novel 1984.

Thank God America elected Donald J. Trump as president in November 2016. This writer feels very relieved that the federal government will not harass him anymore. However, when this writer sees how the Trump administration is being attacked by the “Deep State” officials in intelligence agencies who are leaking illegally classified information in an effort to undermine the Trump administration, he wonders is his nightmare might not be over.