June 2, 2020

BREAKING: CLIMATE OF HATE: Trump’s Vegas Hotel Hit With Arson Attack.

While we don’t yet know the motive behind what looks like a Wednesday night arson attack against Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, if we learned anything from CNN during its two-year propaganda campaign to push for more gun control, it is … why wait for the facts to speculate!!!

Around 5 p.m. Vegas time, two fires broke out at President Trump’s Las Vegas property. Apparently using toasters as crude timing devices, the suspected arsonist – who is now in police custody – started one fire on the pool deck and another on the 17th floor in a woman’s bathroom.

Both fires were extinguished quickly.

According to local news reports, one security official was injured.

Regardless of the motives behind what could have resulted in a massive loss of property and an unspeakable loss of life, we, well, uhm … Okay, let’s look at how CNN put it while trying to blame Sarah Palin and Republicans for murders they had nothing to do with in Arizona…

There’s no evidence the heated political environment [fostered by CNN] played any role in the [Trump Tower arson] that left [one security official injured], observers say if nothing else, the tragedy will force [The Least Trusted Name In News] to re-evaluate their rhetoric.

Militant-themed [Resist] messages and [Russian hoaxes/cries of phony racism] laced with fear have marked recent dialogue [all over CNN], but in the aftermath of [this arson, anti-white terror attacks, and dangerous intruders at the White House], lawmakers [and Americans] on both sides of the aisle are calling on [CNN] to tone it down.

As we have seen over the past 18 months, our media has done everything in its power to paint President Trump as someone who, for the good of our country and the world, must be assassinated.

Trump has been openly compared to racist DEMOCRAT George Wallace, whose presidential ambitions were stopped by a would-be assassin’s bullet. And since the election, Trump has been smeared as a Manchurian Candidate for the Russians, as a virulent racist, a serial-sexual abuser and as a champion for white supremacists.

By far, though, CNN has been the worst offender in this campaign to de-humanize and “other” a sitting president, this onslaught of what I call “assassination dogwhistles.”

Not only did CNN point what can only be described as a “sniper-scope camera” directly at the Oval Office, the last place network’s top anchor, Jake Tapper, has publicly attacked Trump as “unmoored,” “unhinged,” and even as “un-American.” Tapper has repeatedly lied about Trump mocking a reporter’s disability and is responsible for “breaking” the biggest piece of fake news since Rathergate, that thoroughly-debunked Russian dossier.

Once the investigation is complete, we might discover that the climate of hate created against Trump by CNN had nothing to do with Wednesday’s arson attack.

Nevertheless, hopefully CNN will take its own advice and use this opportunity to re-evaluate how the network’s relentless lies and hate speech could eventually spark a national tragedy.

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Source: The Daily Wire