September 26, 2021

Home of Antifa Thug Alerted to Police by Project Veritas Raided – Surprise! They Found M-80s and Smoke Bombs (VIDEO)

One of the Antifa thugs that Project Veritas alerted Metro police to had his home raided and to no ones surprise, the police found M-80s and smoke bombs.

On April 3rd, 2017 the home of this Antifa thug was raided by D.C. police, however; he was not arrested. The search warrant says that an undercover cop attended several meeting sponsored by an anarchist group including one where this man led the discussions for an anti-Capitalist march on January 20th.

The search warrant also said that this Antifa thug went on a podcast in early January and discussed plans to disrupt the inauguration in a need for ‘militant action’.

He claims he wasn’t involved in any violence. He claimed that the M80’s found in his home were leftover from July 4th. Uh huh…


Source: The Gateway Pundit