January 18, 2021

Obama admits he failed to unite Americans.

In a speech in Chicago on August 24, 2017, Obama said he failed in his “aspirational” goal to unite Americans.

Obama neglected to say the reason he failed is because he did not try to unite, but acted to divide our country.  For example, he told Republicans they had to sit in the back of the bus.

Throughout his public career, and especially his presidency, Obama has used inflammatory rhetoric to divide by race, income, and political affiliation.

To be fair to Obama, maybe he is starting an apology tour to apologize to Americans for his disastrous presidency.  He started his presidency by apologizing to countries in the Middle East and bowing to dictators.

He can admit and apologize for:

1. Giving Iran $150 billion, plus more millions.  Now Iran has money to further fund Islamist terrorism and develop its nuclear program.

2. Giving Iran a sweetheart agreement to develop a nuclear program.

3. Doing nothing about North Korea.

4. Doubling the national debt.

5. Spying on and surveilling the campaign  of Donald Trump, then lying about it.

6. Allowing Hillary Clinton to use an unsecured email system that endangered our national security, then lying about it.

7. Allowing Fast and Furious, which resulted in the death of Americans and Mexicans, then lying about it.

8. Using the IRS to harass conservative groups, then lying about it.

9. Withdrawing from Iraq without a status of forces agreement, which led to the rise of ISIS, then lying about it.

10. Passing Obamacare by lying about its benefits.

11. Appointing Hillary and John Kerry as secretaries of state.

This list is only starting point.  Readers can add to it.

Source: American Thinker