April 5, 2020

Rollins College Muslim Professor Loses Court Case Against Christian Student

The latest in a Rollins College matter involving a Muslim humanities professor, Areej Zufari, and a Christian student who rebelled against her classroom bias puts the professor 0, common sense, 1.

Here’s the backstory: Zufari gave a Christian student a poor grade because said student stood up to her in class and called out her biases. Those biases included statements from the professor that the crucifixion of Christ was a hoax and that Jesus’ disciples didn’t believe he was the son of God.

Areej Zufari, a professor at Rollins College, gave a student failing grades for challenging her anti-Christian statements.

The student, after receiving an “F,” complained via email to the professor and asked for explanation. But Zufari refused to explain and said the student’s communications were making her feel “unsafe.”

Zufari then filed complaints about the student for making her feel unsafe, to various school personnel and to the local police department.

The student was then suspended from college for his alleged behavior.

Later investigations found that Zufari was wrongfully accusing this student of showing up on campus anyway. So the college, with this new finding, overturned his suspension.

Here’s more, from the Central Florida Post:

“For reporting the truth, several media outlets decried us as “Fake News” and of being involved in a “gaslighting” conspiracy.

“The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly, and even Snopes had to wipe the egg from their face when the school lifted the suspension. We were vindicated when Rollins reinstated Polston, but are still waiting on an apology from the mainstream media. In the meantime, someone might want to grab them another napkin.

“They based their support of the professor entirely on the fact that her filing an order of protection was evidence enough to back up the claims of Polston being a “safety risk”.

“As they were proven wrong at every other turn with this story, they have been proven wrong yet again.

“According to documents obtained by the Central Florida Post, Professor Zufari’s request for an order of protection has been thrown out and dismissed by the Orange County Circuit Court.”