September 26, 2021

Top Ten Most Popular Governors ALL Belong To Same Party. Take A Wild Guess Which One.

In a newly released list of United States governors ranked by popularity from Morning Consult, Republicans put Democrats to shame, taking all the top slots.

Republican Governor Charlie Baker of the typically blue state of Massachusetts took the top spot with an impressive 75 percent approval rating. Taking second was another Republican governor from a traditionally Democratic state, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, scoring a 73 percent approval rating. Rounding out the top three governors was Doug Burgum of North Dakota with an approval rating of 69 percent.

The list was based upon polling results from about 85,000 citizens across the nation asked to rank their governor’s performance from January to March of this year.

Here’s a list of the top-ten most popular governors, who, as you can see, are all from the GOP:


Over all, Republicans dominated the list. As noted by Independent Journal Review, “There are currently only 18 Democratic governors in United States. During former President Barack Obama’s first year in office, there were 28 Democratic governors.”

Unfortunately, Republicans also landed the spot for the least popular governor in the nation: none other than the Obama-hugger himself, Chris Christie of New Jersey. The embattled governor is currently swimming in scandal over his suspected involvement in “Bridge-Gate,” and could only manage to muster a dismal 25 percent approval rating.

Chris Christie: Ruining it for Republicans since 2012!

Source: The Daily Wire