April 10, 2020

H.R. 60 would allow illegal aliens to serve in the military

First, I am saddened that the sponsor of this heinous bill is a republican.  Congressman Jeff Denham is the sponsor behind trying to bring ENLIST Act (H.R. 60) to the floor of Congress.  If the bill became law, it would permit certain illegal immigrants to serve in the military and grant them near-instant citizenship.  While I understand the desire to be fair to the children who came as illegals into the United States by no fault of their own, and I desire to give them some kind of path to remain in the United States (preferably a path that would find a way to keep the ones who truly wish to patriotically assimilate, and remove the ones who do not wish to make America constitutional again), amnesty through the military is not the way to do it.

As a military veteran, I understand that having people in the military who may or may not have full allegiance to the country, and only enlisted because it may be a path for them to become an instant citizen, does not improve our military, enhance military preparedness, or improve our readiness as a nation to defend itself against enemies.  In fact, it may potentially allow enemies of our great nation to infiltrate with more ease into our military.  H.R. 60 is yet another bill designed to use the military as a laboratory for normalizing leftist schemes, which in this case would normalize amnesty for illegal immigration and essentially codify Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty.

The bill would enable illegal immigrants who enter the United States Armed Forces to be pardoned for violating immigration law, give them full military benefits, grant them without any questions lawful permanent resident status in the U.S., and give them a simple little path to take for instant citizenship.  If enacted, this policy would provide citizenship within a few months to unlawful immigrant children of every foreign nation, including those countries that promote and fund Islamic terrorism, and including people who may have connections to south-of-the-border gangs or drug cartels.

Not only was the bill introduced by a republican, but of the more than 200 co-sponsors, 100 of them are House Republicans. The intent of the politicians pushing this thing is to add this very bad piece of legislation to The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is the United States federal law that specifies the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense, and is already loaded with some very draconian provisions.

H.R. 60 is bad for America, grants back-door amnesty, and does not improve the military – and in reality could be very dangerous for our armed forces.  Conservatives need to be loud about this one, and do what they can to influence our legislators to remove their names from the co-sponsor list, or if they are not co-sponsors, to do what they can to stop this deadly bill in its tracks.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the following are key problems with the bill:

➼ The ENLIST Act undermines the military by unnecessarily dragging the entire immigration debate into U.S. military policy.

➼ By allowing unlawful immigrants to sign up for the armed forces, the government is granting them a pardon for violating the law, the full battery of military benefits, lawful permanent resident status in the U.S., and a back-door promise of instant citizenship.

➼ The ENLIST Act further damages our broken immigration system by putting those who violated the law ahead of those who want to come to the U.S. legally.

➼ The ENLIST Act is a way to keep the Obama Administration’s policies alive by offering a path for amnesty to the estimated 1.7 million unlawful minors who are currently in legal limbo.

Call your representatives to stop this very dangerous bill.

  • Jim Banks IN03 @RepJimBanks 202-225-4436
  • Jody Hice GA10 @CongressmenHice 202-225-4101
  • Alexander Mooney WV02 @RepAlexMooney 202-225-2711
  • Steve Pearce NM02 @RepStevePearce 202-225-2365
  • Ted Yoho FL03 @RepTedYoho 202-225-5744
  • Tom Garrett VA05 @Rep_Tom_Garrett 202-225-4711
  • Morgan Griffith VA09 @RepMGriffith 202-225-3861
  • David Schweikert AZ06 @RepDavid 202-225-2190
  • Mike Gallagher WI08 @RepGallagher 202-225-5665
  • Scott Tipton CO03 @RepTipton 202-225-4761
  • Jimmy Duncan TN02 @RepJohnDuncanJr 202-225-5435
  • Bill Huizenga MI02 @RepHuizenga 202-225-4401
  • Jason Lewis MN02 @RepJasonLewis 202-225-2271
  • Mia Love UT04 @RepMiaLove 202-225-3011
  • Andy Barr KY06 @RepAndyBarr 202-225-4706
  • Rob Bishop UT01 @RepRobBishop 202-225-0453
  • Trey Gowdy SC04 @TGowdySC 202-225-6030
  • Clay Higgins LA03 @RepClayHiggins 202-225-2031
  • Ted Poe TX02 @JudgeTedPoe 202-225-6565
  • Jason Smith MO08 @RepJasonSmith 202-225-4404
  • Joe Barton TX06 @RepJoeBarton 202-225-2002
  • Lloyd Smucker PA16 @RepSmucker 202-225-2411

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Also, write your newspapers or other media outlets.  The word must get out.  The H.R. 60 monstrosity must be stopped.

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