May 26, 2020

Omega 7 A Terrorist Or A Patriotic Group

Cuba’s atrocities start when Fidel Castro enters Havana. Cuba with the support of many people he later betrays, manipulates, and murders.  And thus begun the conversion of a once tropical Latin Caribbean island into a soviet style communist Kremlin, floating 90 miles away from the United States of America. Similar to a Stalinist soviet concentration camp where 50 years later, popular Cubans like Yoani Sanchez are held hostage and strictly prohibited from leaving the island’s imaginary prison walls.

Once the rebels take over Cuba, Fidel Castro is quick to nationalize all properties and corporations belonging to citizens and foreign investors. Fidel Castro appoints himself prime minister, dictator, of Cuba and remains in power for over  50+ years without any consideration and respect for human rights or what the Cuban people need, want, and say. Raul Castro, his brother,  recently takes over the reigns and continues the same policies that the Communist regime has implemented on the Cuban island for all these years.

Throughout the Cuban island, young boys and their fathers were executed in firing squads held by Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara, and their henchmen. Fathers and sons were pulled and dragged out of their houses and far away in the middle of the night, Gestapo style, and in front of their families. Many innocent Cubans were murdered by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro without any form of court, judge, trial, or legal representation. They were murdered in a nomadic fashion. Fidel Castro’s new and false socialist communist system will soon prove to be a “deficiency system” 30x times over and as brutal and oppressive as the last dictator Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro appointed Che Guevara head of all firing squads in Cuba. Che Guevara is known and responsible for murdering thousands of innocent young boys and their fathers. This type of “genocide” was intended to wipe out any possible suspected oppositions, to the RULE and rules of the Castro’s communism.

Operation Peter Pan (Operation Pedro Pan or Operación Pedro Pan) was a mass exodus of over 14,000 unaccompanied Cuban minors to the United States between 1960 and 1962. Father Bryan O. Walsh of the Catholic Welfare Bureau created the program to provide air transportation to the United States for Cuban children. It operated without publicity out of fear that it would be viewed as an anti-Castro political enterprise.   Father Bryan O. Walsh, director of the Catholic Welfare Bureau, developed Operation Peter Pan in November 1960. He was inspired by Pedro Menéndez, a fifteen-year-old Cuban boy who had immigrated to Miami to live with relatives who proved unable to provide for him and sought assistance from the Catholic Welfare Bureau. Walsh understood that many similar youngsters would be immigrating to the United States as Fidel Castro established a Communist government.  Speculation that this new government was planning to send minors to the Soviet Union to serve in work camps was causing panic in Cuban families who could not afford to emigrate.

Walsh contacted Tracy Voorhees, a veteran U.S. government official who was serving as the president’s Personal Representative for Cuban Refugees, who suggested the Eisenhower Administration could provide funds to support Cuban immigrants once they reached Miami. James Baker, the headmaster of an American school in Havana, met with Walsh and detailed his efforts helping parents expatriate their children to Miami. Operation Peter Pan was formed with the understanding that Baker would arrange the children’s transportation, and Walsh would arrange for accommodations in Miami. Underground organizations led by the involved parents spread information regarding Operation Peter Pan. Among those who helped alert parents about the program were Penny Powers, Pancho and Bertha Finlay, Drs. Sergio and Serafina Giquel, Sara del Toro de Odio, and Albertina O’Farril. To maintain confidentiality, the program’s leaders in the U.S. minimized their communications with their contacts in Cuba.

After Castro’s gained control of the island nation, the socialist Castro regime and Soviet socialist governments began to secretly and in a surreptitious fashion build bases in Cuba for a number of medium- and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles (MRBMs and IRBMs) with the ability to destroy most of the continental United States. A United States U-2 photo reconnaissance plane captured photographic proof and confirmed the presence of Soviet nuclear missile bases in Cuba and the nuclear missiles pointing directly towards the United States of America and then a US blockage begins, with demands to Russia that the missiles be removed.

Not only the Castro regime tried to blow up the US with missiles, but now he tries to destroy the American youth by giving safe passage to the drug cartel.  This is found by the United States Coast Guard and the C.I.A. who release a report on our communist neighbors drug activity 90 miles away from U.S. shores. The report explains how the Coast Guard was detecting a dramatic increase of drug activities near Cuban and International waters in the mid 80’s. The report documents 54 incidents were aircraft from Central America that would drop thousands of pounds of cocaine inside Cuban waters for faster importation into the U.S. All drops were made while a Cuban Naval military boat floats near by. The cocaine intended for Cuba was dropped in plain daylight on shores near famous tourist hotels. A defected Cuban military officer not only confirms the drugs but describes how Fidel Castro’s brother Raul, head of Cuba’s military, has complete control of all airspace over Cuba and nothing fly’s over without Raul’s permission. The defected Cuban military officer also went on to explain how Raul Castro sells and offers safe passage over Cuban airspace to Colombian drug dealers for fast and quick importation into the United States.

Finally, Federal prosecutors in Miami were prepared to indict Raul Castro as the head of a major cocaine smuggling conspiracy in 1993, but the Clinton Administration Justice Department overruled them. The officials went on to say Raul Castro, as Cuban Defense Minister, permitted Colombian drug lords to pay for the use of Cuban waters and airstrips as staging grounds for smuggling runs into the United States in the 1980s and early 1990s. Raul Castro was the leader of a conspiracy involving seven and a half tons of cocaine smuggled into the United States over a 10-year period. At least a dozen other Cubans were also to be indicted. Convicted Colombian drug boss Carlos Lehder of the Medellin cartel testified in a 1991 federal trial that he met twice in Havana with Raul Castro to arrange safe passage for cocaine flights over Cuban airspace. Cuban waters continue to be used by drug smugglers, according to federal law enforcement officials.

In an unprecedented move, Dictator Fidel and Raul Castro orders several of their soviet MIGs, from the Cuban Air Force, to shoot down two  small civilian Cessna aircraft over international airspace. Three U.S. citizens and a resident of Florida were assassinated when their two civilian Brothers to the Rescue aircraft, on a humanitarian mission, were ambushed over international airspace by several soviet MiGs from Cuba’s Air Force. Carlos Costa, Armando Alejandre, Jr., Mario de la Pena, and Pablo Morales were on a “Brothers To The Rescue” humanitarian flight when the Cuban communist regime ordered several of their soviet MIGs to kill them in mid sky. Brothers To The Rescue is responsible for helping and assisting over 4,500 people at sea with help and aid. “Brothers To The Rescue” aided many rafters at sea make it safe to dry grounds without drowning, dehydrating, or getting eaten by sharks in the Florida straits. Many whom were Cuban rafters trying to escape Castro’s Communist Hell in Cuba. The shoot down was ordered by communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro and his accomplices in Cuba and the U.S. have not been criminally indicted.

After the failed invasion of Bay of Pigs to free Cuba from Communism in 1961, several Cuban organizations begin to form and conduct patriotic fights against the Communist Cuban regime to be able to liberate their families and friends from the stronghold of Communism which by this time mounts to thousands of innocent people murdered by the Communist regime.

One of those organizations was Omega 7, which was a small Cuban group based in Florida and New York made up of Cuban exiles whose stated goal was to overthrow Fidel Castro. The group had fewer than 20 members. According to the Global Terrorism Database, Omega 7 was responsible for at least 55 known attacks over the span of 8 years with a majority of them being bombs. The group also took part in multiple high profile murders and assassination attempts and has committed 4 known fatalities. Among their assassinations was Felix Garcia Rodriguez a Cuban delegate who was gunned down on the 6th anniversary of the group. The group had conspired to assassinate Fidel Castro during the Cuban leaders visit to the United Nations in 1979.

While Omega 7 was active, a significant portion of the Cuban exile community viewed the attacks against Cuban officials and Castro supporters in the United States as a continuation of the patriotic fight against communism. Omega 7 members considered themselves liberators of the Cuban people and vowed to continue their fight until Cuba was free of Castro and communism. Elements within the exile community provided Omega 7 with support by contributing money for operations or merely denying knowledge of Omega 7 activities. The support usually came about either out of sympathy or fear of reprisal. For instance, individuals who were believed to be in contact with Omega 7 members would often intentionally supply misleading or incorrect information when interviewed by the FBI. Even when confronted with documentation such as surveillance logs and photographs placing them in contact with Omega 7 suspects, the individuals being interviewed would disclaim association. This type of support provided Omega 7 with a secure base of operation which was difficult for law enforcement personnel to penetrate.

Although current information is incomplete, it appears that some Cuban exile businessmen in the Union City, New Jersey, area clandestinely funded Omega 7 and other Cuban anti-Castro groups. The businessmen established a network which would collect money in the form of “taxes” from all segments of the Cuban community who were able to contribute and then divide the money between the various groups they supported. The businessmen would not necessarily sanction or direct specific anti-Castro activities; however, their ability to provide financial support probably gave them, at a minimum, indirect control over the various groups. Current reporting, although fragmented, suggests that the businessmen, who may still be active in funding anti-Castro groups, were involved in the flow of over $100,000 to the various groups.

Eduardo Arocena was born in Cuba on February 26, 1943, and was in school until the start of Castro’s regime in 1959. Arocena was a gifted amateur wrestler who had considered taking part in the Olympics, but was instead selected by the government of Cuba to continue his studies in Soviet Union where he was taught aviation. Prior to his move to the Soviet Union, Arocena had been corroborating with other Cuban expatriates and exiles and taking part in activities against Castro that included the destruction of many crucial industrial and agricultural facilities. Arocena eventually left to the United States out of fear of his anti-Cuban actions being exposed. While in the U.S. Arocena resided in New Jersey where he worked in a warehouse and started a family. Dissatisfied with the political opposition to Fidel Castro at the time, during the 1970’s Arocena began to recruit Cuban veterans from the Bay Of Pigs Invasion in 1961. In addition to this Arocena would go on to pull members in other anti-Castro exile groups as well, eventually forming his Omega 7 group on September 11, 1974. The New Jersey branch was made up of 7 members (for which the group was named after) including Arocena himself, Jose Juilio Garcia, Pedro Remon, Andres Garcia, Alberto Perez, Eduardo Ochoa, and Eduardo Losada-Fernandez.[4] As the tactical commander of the group, Arocena has stated that the CIA trained him in 1967 in bomb making and a variety of other warfare skills and tactics, although the CIA has never directly confirmed this. Pedro Remon took part in most of Omega 7’s attacks and had the duty of calling local radio stations after each assassination or bombing. Most of the other members typically participated in more minor roles within the group. It is believed that the amount of members in Omega 7 has never exceeded 20. The group was primarily funded by Cuban businessmen, but received additional funding in the early 1980s from marijuana drug traffickers. Although the group never took part in selling, buying, of narcotics the group did perform collection tasks as well as other assignments given to them by the drug traffickers. There was one narcotics supplier in particular known as Manuel Fernandez that would offer Arocena and the group large quantities of cash in exchange for their services. One of these tasks included an assassination attempt on Luis Fuentes a rival drug dealer to Fernandez. Fernandez eventually went on to testify against Arocena and Omega 7 claiming that they were paid up to $150,000 for their services despite never receiving his collection money from group, he also stated that he had sold two submachine guns to Omega 7. Eduardo Arocena was arrested in Miami on July 22, 1983, Omega 7 became inactive shortly after his arrest.

On September 22, 1984 Eduardo Arocena was convicted on 26 charges which included murder and bombings, many of which Arocena confessed to prior to his conviction. Arocena was ruled to serve a mandatory life sentence. During Eduardo Arocena’s trial, he claimed to have been taken to the FBI offices in New York City where he accused the Bureau of drugging him to the point of unconsciousness to which he found needle marks in his arms when he awoke. According to Arocena, the FBI had tried to coerce him into speaking about a variety of terrorist groups and operations. This story has never been confirmed by the F.B.I. When Eduardo Arocena was put on trial he initially denied being the leader of Omega 7, claiming that he was simply “obsessed against Communism” and had worked alongside the C.I.A. in Cuba in order to look into communist activities in Cuba. Arocena also denied ever taking part in terrorist actives in the United States, but did state that he was trained in the use of explosives by the C.I.A. in Florida.  In 2008 Arocena’s wife Miriam led a campaign, which petitioned for the release of her husband. Miriam suggested that the life sentence her husband received was unwarranted given the nature and patriotic reasons of Eduardo Arocena’s actions.

On February 1, 1975 the group bombed the Venezuelan consulate in New York City Arocena confessed to putting a hit out on Eulalio Jose Negrin who had negotiated with Cuba about the release of political prisoners. Arocena did not approve of any diplomatic negotiations with Cuba and therefore ordered Remon to kill Negrin. Remon completed the hit by murdering Negrin with a submachine gun in front of Negrin’s teenage son.  The government of Venezuela currently supports the Cuban regime with oil supplies in exchange for doctors and military support.

Cuban diplomat Felix Garcia Rodriguez was murdered on September 11, 1980 while driving a station wagon after being shot in the neck by a member of Omega 7

During the indictement of Eduardo Arocena, Omega 7 was found guilty of at least seven bombings in the Miami, Florida area.

Omega 7 a terrorist or a patriotic group, should Eduardo Arocena be released or not, you decide.

Source: This report was edited and taken from various sources including Wikipedia, Cuban Information Archives and Stone Cuban.