October 15, 2018


After all, a conception of American citizenship tends to prompt individuals to think about what that means – which to the Progressives invokes the risk off folks acquiring an understanding of, and then embracing of our founding principles – which in turn (they believe) would impede the acceptance of (or at least active opposition to) their ultimate goal of the imposition of their utopian ideal of a world “without borders,” and thus without nation states and de facto, if not de jure “global governance” (a/k/a “New World Order”).

Author’s Note: This is an abridged version of “How Long Before America Qualifies?” – one of the “communiqués” from my book “Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.” This communiqué is about “diversity” and “multiculturalism” – a timely topic as In recent weeks the firing of an employee at Google for having the impertinence to articulate reasonable questions concerning the subject. The “diversity” mantra rolling through the executive suites and HR departments and recruiting decision-makers is essentially repackaged “affirmative action” and “soft quotas” instead of fixed quotas – hence Google’s making an example of the employee who dared question. But this employer-diversity agenda is but one symptom of a “comprehensive” agenda aimed at Balkanizing and deconstructing America. As we discuss in: “How Long Before America Qualifies?”

How Long Before America Qualifies?

For some years now with Collectivists have been pushing the doctrine – or should we say the mantra of “multiculturalism” and the benefits thereof. (How many years has it now been since the first appearance of the once ubiquitous “Celebrate Diversity” and “Diversity is Strength” bumper stickers?)

Implicit in those messages is that the good ole US of A doesn’t qualify as a “culture,” much less one to be celebrated. (Ironically the French very much believe that there is an American culture: slang phrases, fast food and Hollywood. Particularly as regards the latter, one can understand the French desire to man the cultural ramparts against this foreign culture!)

So this begs the question: after over 200 years of existence, after becoming the preeminent economic and military power in the world, and after having made the crucial difference in the victory of freedom in two world wars (the latter being a victory over the Fascist variation of Collectivism), exactly how long and what will it take before the Collectivists-Progressives deign America to actually be considered as having its own “culture” in the worldwide mix of “multiculturalism?”

Of course the above question was rhetorical, for we know that the answer is “never.” They well know that America already has its own culture (albeit one, at their hand, being increasingly sidelined and deconstructed). Their peddling of “multiculturalism” – like much of what they do – has nothing to do with the publicly stated purpose, and everything to do with furthering an unstated agenda.

We can understand why the Collectivists would seek to demean and diminish the United States of America – after all, since the beginning of the 20th century we’ve been the “top dog” setting an example of the benefits of free-market Capitalism and individual liberty (this in spite of the ever-diminishing amount of economic benefits and individual liberty in our ever-increasingly Progressive environment). The American iteration of Collectivist – the self-proclaimed “Progressives” have been succeeding in incrementally nudging our country away from its founding principles and founding Judeo-Christian tradition. But they have not yet fully wiped them from our land. We’re the single greatest (and arguably the only) remaining barrier to the imposition of that global utopia, that political version of the Tower of Babel, that is their ultimate desire. So their work of incrementally deconstructing the United States of America continues apace.

That deconstruction includes “multiculturalism.” The more that they can inculcate a premier, a dominant sense of racial / ethnic and/or “country of origin” (etc.) mindset amongst the populace, the more they can displace the sense of American citizenship and culture. “American” is no longer “who they are” or “what they are” but something foreign, distant … or at least subsidiary.

After all, a conception of American citizenship tends to prompt individuals to think about what that means – which to the Progressives invokes the risk off folks acquiring an understanding of, and then embracing of our founding principles – which in turn (they believe) would impede the acceptance of (or at least active opposition to) their ultimate goal of the imposition of their utopian ideal of a world “without borders,” and thus without nation states and de facto, if not de jure “global governance” (a/k/a “New World Order”).

Collectivists-Progressives well understand that for the realization of global governance they first need to take down the “top dog” of classic Western Civilization and nation states – the United States of America.

So we have “multiculturalism,” public schools revising U.S. history to denigrate it while extolling the fictional virtues of Collectivism, and Hollywood and the rest of the media portraying religious faith and patriotism as passé and indicators of “backwardness” and the “unsophisticated” folks bitterly clinging to their God, guns and religion (as Barack Hussein Obama put it).

This not only serves to divide us, but also to undermine us – including so-called minorities. Through the now derided “melting pot” we Americans have long-since collectively earned the status of being our own “ethnic group” (no pun or irony intended with the use of the word “collectively”).

Yes damn it, we are a people – we are Americans! E pluribus unum is not a frivolous slogan affixed to coins merely to fill space!

The Collectivist-Progressives don’t want us to recognize that – for such then fosters unity and patriotism. Because “biological” ethnicity straddles national borders, and continents (e.g., so-called “Hispanics”), they peddle this ethnicity as a way to get folks to look at nationality and patriotism as secondary, if not irrelevant – for example, Progressives tell “Hispanics,” whether citizen or non-citizen, that their preeminent loyalty is to each other – not to themselves as individuals, not to themselves as citizens of The United States of America. In turn, this discarding of the importance of nation helps frame perceptions in a way to make them susceptible to a “globalist” or “global governance” agenda.

At the same time, this division of Americans via “multiculturalism” is intended to keep newcomers (and especially their progeny) from truly becoming Americans – pushing “the salad bowl” instead of “the melting pot.” It is submitted that this is intentional on their part.

For example, “affirmative action” and “racial set asides” are bound to cause resentment amongst those innocents who are not its “beneficiaries” … while stigmatizing its “beneficiaries” with a perception that they didn’t “earn it” or are “less qualified.” While they may publicly deny this, it seems inevitable that at least subliminally the “less qualified” perception is inculcated into the “beneficiaries” themselves (or at least a significant portion of them). So they’ll feel that they can never really make it in America, and may seek rationalization in the “living in the past” mentality of “lingering racism” and the “legacy” of slavery and Jim Crow. “Multiculturalism” perpetuates racism and intolerance – exactly the opposite of its stated (but not actual) goal.

Consider too that “multiculturalism” is a concept that would be embraced by people with low self-esteem – perfect targets for Progressive peddlers of same as a means of recruiting “useful idiots.”  Rather than stand on their own two feet as individuals who are children of God – with a relationship with him and to be judged by him – those inclined to cloak themselves in “multiculturalism” seek refuge in depersonalization, being defined by (what should be) peripheral (not determinative) group characteristics – whether they adopt them enthusiastically, or acquiesce to having them imposed upon them by others / by political correctness / by following the crowd. The end result of “multiculturalism” is a repudiation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s noble aspiration of judging a man by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin – thus “multiculturalism” is regressive, and repressive.

With “multiculturalism” the Collectivist-Progressives are (in effect) telling America that while once upon a time via our melting pot we assimilated groups from all over the world, we are now incapable of doing so – particularly with Blacks and Hispanics (and more recently, Muslims). That they believe this exposes the discriminatory nature of their own hearts, and is unspeakably insulting to each and every non-Progressive, i.e., we Americans that actually believe in the letter and spirit of our American founding, as enunciated in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America. Moreover, isn’t it telling that the Progressives signal that rather than fully assimilating and becoming fully part of the “culture” of Americans, individuals and groups should retain what they were, and “American” should assimilate to (and so subordinate itself to) external cultures. So the Progressive judgment is made that (being) American, our culture, is inferior, and ideally that it should not exist as a culture at all. But if it must exist, certainly not as one equal to others, but instead serving as a door mat for them. America as nothing more than a “salad bowl” of disparate cultures who just happen to reside here – it’s hard to imagine a much more un-American position.

If we re-embraced patriotism and re-adopted our “cultural identity” of being progeny of the melting pot, and come home our real culture of perceiving ourselves as being Americans (instead of African-American, Hispanic-American, XYX-America ad nauseum) – if we really lived e pluribus unum – we could enjoy cohesiveness, and enjoy the blessings of a country in which each individual, each American, has the right to “pursue happiness” no matter their particular genealogy or tone of skin.

A prospect to which we the truly enlightened, we non-Progressives, we proud Americans respond: God Bless America!

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