August 1, 2021

American Diplomats and their Families Were Attacked 50 times with Sonic and Ultrasonic Weapons in Multiple Places in Cuba


Bruno Rodriguez speaks to UN in 2017

Cuban regime Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in a speech at the United Nations once again denied any Cuban responsibility and said that the Cuban government complies with its obligations to protect all diplomats on the island. Cuba has a very long history of strongly harassing and subjecting to oppressive surveillance American diplomats in Havana.

The number of American diplomats and their families seriously injured with sonar or ultrasonic weapons keeps rising. First, the Department of State said on August 11, 2017, that there were at least six diplomats injured. By mid-September 2017, the number of American victims increased to at least 21 Americans. According to sources familiar with the investigation, the number of Americans hurt in sonic weapons attacks has now reached 25, with some individuals still going medical testing and examinations which could increase that number, CNN reported on September 22, 2017. These incidents are outrageous and unprecedented even for a brutal regime like the one in Cuba!

Sources who want to remain anonymous also revealed new information, telling South Florida Channel 10 News reporter Hatzel Vela that some of the incidents happened inside the embassy itself and at multiple Havana hotels. On September 25, 2017, Vela wrote an article which was published on the television station website titled “Total number of Americans hurt in Cuba sonic attacks now at 25, sources tells Local 10 News some happened inside embassy, at Havana hotels.”

Vela explained that up now, it has been reported that American victims were attacked near or outside their Havana homes, and one of the victims was attacked at Havana’s Hotel Capri in the Vedado neighborhood. In light of the attacks and ongoing investigation, the American government is close to closing its embassy in Havana. On September 17, 2017, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. government was reviewing whether or not to close down the American embassy in Havana.  “We have it under evaluation,” Tillerson said. “It’s a very serious issue with respect to the harm that certain individuals have suffered.”

U.S. Flag Flaps Outside U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba (25998479275).jpg

U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba was reopened in 2015 as part of former President Obama’s détente with the Cuban regime. The sonic and ultrasonic attacks also happened inside the embassy itself, homes, and at multiple Havana hotels.

Hatzel Vela said that sources told Channel 10 News the following: “There is great discontent among the victims, who remain disappointed at the way the U.S. government handled the situation. Their major complain is that it took too long for high ranking officials in Havana and Washington to take action.”

The reporter pointed out that on September 22, 2017, the Cuban regime Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told the United Nations that Cuba denied once again any Cuban responsibility and said that the Cuban government complies with its obligations to protect all diplomats on the island. “Cuba has never perpetrated, nor will it ever perpetrate, actions of this sort,” Rodriguez said. “Cuba has never allowed, nor will it ever allow, its territory to be used by third parties with that purpose,” he added.

FILE - In this Jan. 18, 2016, file photo Jeffrey DeLaurentis, then-Charge d'Affaires to the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, speaks in Atlanta. Raul Castro appeared as alarmed as the Americans. The United States, his nation’s sworn enemy until recently, was demanding urgent answers about a spate of U.S. diplomats harmed in Havana. There was talk of futuristic “sonic attacks” and the subtle threat of repercussions. What the Cuban president did next surprised Washington. Castro sought out Jeffrey DeLaurentis, then the top American diplomat in Havana. In a rare face-to-face conversation, Castro personally denied any responsibility and told DeLaurentis he was equally befuddled, several U.S. officials familiar with the exchange told The Associated Press. (AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

U.S. diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis

Cuban bloody dictator Raúl Castro told U.S. diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis that “he was equally baffled and concerned.” Castro again denied any responsibility. The Cuban communist regime has allowed several investigative agencies, including the FBI, to spend time on island and seek out answers. Vela wrote that Americans investigators are still looking into whether a rogue faction in Cuba’s security forces acted in defiance with the Castro government and possibly collaborated with another country, like Russia.

American diplomats have been harassed while working in Havana for many years

The Cuban bloody oppressive regime has a very long history of seriously harassing and subjecting to oppressive surveillance American diplomats in Havana, including some of the same victims of sonic attacks. Cuban intelligent agents have frequently entered American diplomats’ homes and tampered with their computers, moved their books, left feces, soaked in urine their clothing, and even poisoned their pets.

Often times, the electricity was cut off in their homes. Sometimes Cuban agents damaged their cars. Regime intelligence agents followed American diplomats as they drove in their cars. These agents would tailgate diplomats’ vehicles and make it impossible to change lanes. However, attacking American diplomats with covert sonic and ultrasonic weapons with the intent to seriously damage their health is a grave matter and substantial escalation that needs a very strong response from the United States.

America should not have tolerated these abuses for many years. The Castro brothers, who hated profoundly the United States, believed that they could continue to harass American diplomats forever with complete impunity.

Ladies in White and other peaceful opponents of the Cuban tyranny are beaten up and arrested frequently in Cuba.

Once again these events show clearly the total failure of former President Obama’s Cuban policy of giving the bloody communist regime in Havana a series of unilateral concessions with no “Quid Pro Quo” or nothing in return. In fact, the brutal Cuban regime has increased the number of arbitrary arrests and beatings of peaceful opponents of the regime.

Cuba is a merciless totalitarian state and its military and secret police continue to assassinate, beat up, and arrest peaceful opponents and systematically suppress the Cuban people’s legitimate aspirations for freedom, self-determination, democracy, and prosperity. The Castro regime has an Occupation Army of several thousand soldiers led by Cuban generals in Venezuela to prop up the brutal Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship and its violent efforts to crush the Venezuelan people’s legitimate demands for freedom and democracy. Maduro follows orders from Cuban dictator Raúl Castro. Venezuela has virtually become a colony of Cuba.

Image result for "nicolás maduro and raul castro"

Cuban Raúl Castro and Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro are two bloody dictators who are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of their people and others around the world.

Venezuela and Cuba are strong allies and both nations assist Islamic terrorist groups. There is a Hamas office in Havana. Cuba has always been a center of terrorism. Similar to Venezuela, the Cuban military participates in drug trafficking.

On April 8, 1993, prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami drafted a proposed indictment charging the Cuban government of being a racketeering enterprise. The Armed Forces Minister Raúl Castro was charged as the chief of a 10-year conspiracy of sending tons of Colombian cartel cocaine through Cuba to the United States. However, sadly this case was later dropped.

Cuba sends intelligence agents to America to commit fraud with Medicare, Medicaid, other government services, and private businesses. Tens of millions of dollars have been stolen by Cuban agents with complete impunity. The fates of the two communist regimes are interrelated. Venezuela and Cuba are a national security threat to the United States and both are close allies of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, and China.

How America learned about the attacks against American and Canadian diplomats with sonar and ultrasonic in Havana

On August 9, 2017, the State Department revealed a new dispute between the America and Cuba when it said that American diplomats serving in Cuba were subjected to an “acoustic attack” in fall 2016 using a covert sonic weapon that left the Americans with severe hearing loss and mild traumatic brain injury. Canada also reported mysterious illnesses among its diplomats in Havana.

In the fall of 2016, a series of U.S. diplomats began suffering unexplained losses of hearing and memory problems. After months of investigation, U.S. officials concluded that the diplomats had been attacked with an advanced sonic weapon that operated outside the range of audible sound and had been deployed either inside or outside their residences and in at least one hotel.

CNN reported that “the employees affected were not at the same place at the same time, but suffered a variety of physical symptoms since late 2016, which resembled concussions.” Along with investigating possible Cuban regime involvement, investigators are also exploring the possibility that the attack was carried out by a third country, such as Russia, operating without the Cuban regime’s knowledge. The Foreign Ministry of the regime stated that “Cuba has never, nor would it ever, allow that the Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic agents or their families.”

On August 11, 2017, Frances Robles and Kirk Semple wrote an article titled “Health Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Baffle Both Countries” which was published in the New York Times. The reporters explained that at least six American diplomats in Havana who were getting sick with headaches, dizziness and hearing loss were flown from Cuba to be treated at the University of Miami hospital in Miami.

The illnesses may have been caused by some kind of sonic wave machine and the symptoms worsened with prolonged exposure. By mid-September, 2017, the number of American victims has now increased to at least 21 Americans.

Robles and Semple said that one of the diplomats had a more serious illness that involved a blood disorder. A University of Miami specialist went to Havana this month to examine others who work at the embassy because officials expect that more people were affected. The State Department stated that some American diplomats had symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury. Canadian diplomats have reported experiencing similar incidents.

Sergei Ryabkov.jpg

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov recently met with Cuban officials. Why?

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that U.S. authorities have not located any device nor they know the specific cause of these attacks and who is responsible. Cuba’s top negotiator with the United States and other Cuban Officials met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. Was this meeting related to these attacks?

The reporters interviewed James Cason, who ran the United States Interests Section in Havana a decade ago. Carson stated the following regarding the Cuban intelligence agents: “They would come into your house and erase the pictures of your kids off your computer, or turn all the books around on your bookshelf, just to show you that you had no privacy. They never did anything physical to anybody. This sounds like a science experiment.”

Rex Tillerson official portrait.jpg

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said in the fall of 2016 American diplomats were attacked with a covert sonar weapons. U.S. diplomats began suffering unexplained losses of hearing. Two Cuban diplomats were expelled from Washington, D.C. in May 2017, yet the news of their expulsion and the sickness of U.S. diplomats in the fall of 2016 were not revealed until August 2017.

Why were these events not reported earlier? On August 11, 2017, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said the illnesses were a result of “health attacks,” and added, “We’ve not been able to determine who’s to blame.” Was there a cover up?

This photo shows the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Trump administration expelled two Cuban diplomats from Washington, D.C. in May 2017 because Cuba had failed in its obligation to keep American diplomats safe. Strangely, Americans were not informed until several weeks later. Why?

Robles and Semple said that John Caulfield, who was chief of mission at the United States Interests Section in Havana from 2011 to 2014, stated it was “inconceivable” that a third government would have been able to act without the knowledge or cooperation of the Cubans. The Cuban government, he said, kept “such close tabs on us they would’ve immediately detected someone else.” Caulfield added, “My speculation is that it was a surveillance effort that went bad.” The reporters pointed out that the State Department said many Americans cut their tours in Cuba short after falling ill in 2016. The Trump administration expelled two Cuban diplomats from Washington, D.C. because Cuba had failed in its obligation to keep American diplomats safe. The FBI is investigating these sonar attacks against American diplomats in Havana.

When asked about the sonar attack against American diplomats in Havana, Rhodes said the following: “It just doesn’t strike me as something the Cuban government would do. They’ve been pragmatic about Trump.” Once again, these remarks showed Rhodes’ ignorance about the nature of the Castro totalitarian regime. The communist regime in the island has already caused immense damage to this nation and is very capable of inflicting even more damage driven by its enormous hatred of America.

Image result

Ben Rhodes negotiated secretly with Cuban officials to recognize the regime diplomatically. He may have been involved in the illegal unmasking of President Trump campaign officials. Rhodes continuous to be an appeaser of the brutal Cuban regime!

Sonic and ultrasonic weapons

A long-range acoustic device (LRAD) is in use on the U.S. Navy LCC-19 USS Blue Ridge.

Wikipedia has an article describing sonic and ultrasonic weapons of various types. Wikipedia explained the following:

“Sonic and ultrasonic weapons that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some sonic weapons are currently in limited use or in research and development by military and police forces. Some of these weapons have been described as sonic bullets, sonic grenades, sonic mines, or sonic cannons. Some make a focused beam of sound or ultrasound; some make an area field of sound.”

“Extremely high-power sound waves can disrupt or destroy the eardrums of a target and cause severe pain or disorientation. This is usually sufficient to incapacitate a person. Less powerful sound waves can cause humans to experience nausea or discomfort. The use of these frequencies to incapacitate persons has occurred both in counter-terrorist and crowd control settings.”

“A long-range acoustic device has been used by the crew of the cruise ship Seabourn Spirit to deter pirates who chased and attacked the ship. More commonly this device and others of similar design have been used to disperse protesters and rioters in crowd control efforts.”

“A similar system is called a “magnetic acoustic device. Mobile sonic devices have been used in in the United Kingdom to deter teenagers from lingering around shops in target areas. High-amplitude sound of a specific pattern at a frequency close to the sensitivity peak of human hearing (2–3 kHz) is used as a burglar deterrent. Some police forces have used sound cannons against protesters, for example during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh and the Dakota Access Pipeline protest in South Dakota.”

Another sonic weapon is the long-range acoustic device (LRAD) which is in use on the U.S. Navy LCC-19 USS Blue Ridge. Many countries have these weapons.

More details on the attacks on American diplomats in Havana

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said America continuous to assess American personnel in Cuba. On September 14, 2017, Heather Nauert stated the following: “The investigation into all of this is still under way. It is an aggressive investigation. We will continue doing this until we find out who or what is responsible for this.”

Heather Nauert 2017.jpg

Heather Nauert is the State Department spokeswoman. She previously worked for FoxNews.

Associated Press reporters Josh Lederman, Michael Weissenstein, and Matthew Lee wrote an article titled “Details emerge on what befell U.S. diplomats in Cuba” which was published in the Miami Herald on September 15, 2017. The reporters said that one American diplomat heard a great blaring, grinding noise that jolted him from his bed in a Havana hotel. The diplomat moved just a few feet, and there was silence. He went back into bed and the agonizing sound hit him again. It was as if he had walked through some invisible wall cutting straight through his room.

Soon after that incident, the reporters said, the American diplomat was diagnosed hearing loss and the speech problems, symptoms both similar and altogether different from others among at least 21 American victims of “health attacks.” New details learned by the Associated Press show that at least some of the “health attacks” were confined “to specific rooms or even parts of rooms with laser-like specificity, baffling U.S. officials who say the facts and the physics don’t add up.”

Fulton Armstrong, a former CIA official who served in Cuba long before the United States re-opened an embassy there, stated, “None of this has a reasonable explanation.” He added, “It’s just mystery after mystery after mystery.”

At first the Trump administration suspected that a sonic weapon might have been used. However, the diagnosis of mild brain injury, considered unlikely to result from sound, has confounded the FBI, the State Department and intelligence agencies involved in the investigation.

Some American diplomats “now have problems concentrating or recalling specific words, several officials explained, the latest signs of more serious damage than the U.S. government initially realized”, said the reporters.

This writer wonders why the U.S. government reported the “health attacks” nine months after symptoms were first reported and why the Trump administration still has not identified who was responsible or the weapon or weapons to explain the attacks.

Reporters Lederman, Weissenstein, and Lee explained the following: “In fact, almost nothing about what went down in Havana is clear. Investigators have tested several theories about an intentional attack — by Cuba’s government, a rogue faction of its security forces, a third country like Russia, or some combination thereof. Yet they’ve left open the possibility an advanced espionage operation went horribly awry, or that some other, less nefarious explanation is to blame.”

Hotel Capri in Havana

U.S. officials said that in addition to Americans being attacked from their homes. U.S. diplomats were attacked at the recently renovated Hotel Capri, a 60-year-old concrete tower steps from the famous Havana’s Malecon, the waterside promenade. Now it was revealed that Americans were attacked at the American embassy and other hotels.

The incidents vary deeply with different symptoms, different recollections of what happened. In several episodes explained by U.S. officials, victims knew it was happening in real time, and there were strong indications of a sonic attack, said the reporters.

Lederman, Weissenstein, and Lee wrote the following: “Some felt vibrations, and heard sounds — loud ringing or a high-pitch chirping similar to crickets or cicadas. Others heard the grinding noise. Some victims awoke with ringing in their ears and fumbled for their alarm clocks, only to discover the ringing stopped when they moved away from their beds. The attacks seemed to come at night. Several victims reported they came in minute-long bursts. Yet others heard nothing, felt nothing. Later, their symptoms came… Some have mild traumatic brain injury, known as a concussion, and others permanent hearing loss.”

Investigators could not explained why fewer than 10 Canadian were harmed, too, including some who reported nosebleeds since Canada has had warm relations with the bloody communist regime for many years. Following the American complain to the Cuban mass murdering regime earlier this year, Canada detected its own cases. Then the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police traveled to Havana to investigate. FBI investigators swept the rooms, looking for weapons but found nothing.

After the brutal Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro died, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised him as a great leader. Some have speculated that Justin Trudeau may be Fidel Castro’s son since the look very much alike and his leftist mother visited Cuba frequently and met with the brutal tyrant.

The reporters pointed out that sound and health experts are equally perplexed since “targeted, localized beams of sound are possible, but the laws of acoustics suggest such a device would probably be large and not easily concealed.” “And no single, sonic gadget seems to explain such an odd, inconsistent array of physical responses”, they explained. Other symptoms have included brain swelling, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, balance problems and tinnitus, or prolonged ringing in the ears. Many American victims have shown improvement since coming back to America and some suffered only minor or temporary symptoms.

Cuba’s regime declined to answer specific questions about the incidents, pointing to a previous Foreign Affairs Ministry statement denying any involvement, promising full cooperation and saying it was treating the situation “with utmost importance.” The tyrannical regime’s statement said that “Cuba has never, nor would it ever, allow that the Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic agents or their families, without exception.”

On September 15, 2017, Susan Crabtree wrote an article titled “GOP Senators Urge Trump to Expel Cuban Diplomats from U.S., Threaten to Shutter Embassy” which was published in The Washington Free Beacon website. The reporter said that five important Republican senators asked the Trump administration to expel Cuban diplomats from Washington, D.C. immediately and even close the American embassy in Havana if the Cuban regime is not more forthcoming about mysterious “acoustic” attacks that have seriously harmed the health of many U.S. diplomats.

John Cornyn official senate portrait.jpg

Senator John Cornyn from Texas is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He also serves as the Senate majority whip and is the Number Two Republican leader in the upper chamber.

Crabtree wrote that on September 15, 2017, GOP Senators John Cornyn of Texas, Marco Rubio of Florida, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Richard Burr of North Carolina, and James Lankford of Oklahoma sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking him to take action regarding the harassment and acoustic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba. The senators want Secretary Tillerson to immediately declare all accredited Cuban diplomats in the United States as “persona non grata”, and expelled them from America. The Republican senators wrote “that if Cuba does not take tangible action to remove these threats to the diplomats and their families, to take the decisive step of closing the U.S. embassy in Havana.” They also said that Secretary Tillerson needs to remind the Cuban regime of its obligation to protect U.S. diplomats and their families under international treaties.

The letter written by the five GOP senators stated the following:

“Our officials and their families have been the targets of unacceptable levels of harassment and ‘acoustic’ attacks that, in some cases, have caused permanent hearing damage and other significant injuries. The safety of U.S. diplomatic personnel and their families posted overseas remains one of our high priorities and a shared responsibility of those nations that host U.S. diplomatic facilities.”

“Cuba’s neglect of its duty to protect our diplomats and their families cannot go unchallenged. We appreciate your attention to this important national security matter and look forward to your timely response.”

Crabtree pointed out that the five senators “have waited more than a month to request that President Donald Trump threaten to close the embassies, a step that would reverse much of the efforts to normalize diplomatic relations taken by President Barack Obama.” She also said that in mid-August 2017, the Washington Free Beacon was the first to report that the “U.S. government was hiding key details of the mystery attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba and may have misled the public and Congress on the full scope and nature of the attacks.”

Crabtree explained that U.S. officials in early August 2017 said approximately six Americans were the victims of the attacks when the actual number of U.S. diplomats was far higher—in the double digits. Crabtree stated the following: “In addition to the greater number of U.S. persons harmed by the sonic device, sources told the Washington Free Beacon that some Americans stationed in Havana began experiencing symptoms months earlier than the State Department has publicly admitted, and that the symptoms they suffered included permanent hearing loss, sleeplessness as well as damage to some diplomats’ brain function and cognitive abilities.”

Richard Burr official portrait.jpg

Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina is the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Republican senators who wrote the letter to Secretary of State Tillerson serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee and on Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina is the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida is also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which has jurisdiction over the State Department and diplomatic personnel. Senator John Cornyn from Texas also serves as the Senate majority whip, the Number Two GOP leader in the upper chamber. James Lankford from Oklahoma serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Possible actions by the United States recommended by this writer to three officials in the White House if the Cuban regime ordered the attacks against American diplomats or allowed a third country to do it

President Donald J. Trump has already ordered the expulsion of two Cuban diplomats from Washington, D.C. However, if the FBI investigation discovers that the Castro regime ordered such uncivilized, unprecedented, and brutal attacks against American diplomats, attacks that Cuban thugs are very capable of having done, then America must consider a range of responses.

Below are some of the suggested action(s) by this writer that could be taken by America:

  1. Add Cuba to the list of terrorist nations.

President Donald J. Trump in his speech in Miami stated that the Cuba regime sent illegal weapons to North Korea and helps the regime in Venezuela to oppress its people. Cuba has a Hamas office in Havana and provides sanctuary to many American and foreign terrorists and murderers. The Cuban military and intelligence services assist Venezuela in providing financial support to Hezbollah, participate in drug trafficking, send uranium to Iran, and engage in subversion in Latin America.

2.Add Cuba to the list of nations involved in human trafficking.

The Department of State in a previous Trafficking in Persons Report regarding Cuba stated the following: “Cuba is principally a source country for children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically commercial sexual exploitation within the country… The Government of Cuba does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.”

Cuban medical doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, sport trainers, musicians, and other professionals have stated that they are forced against their will to leave their families and sent to nations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Cuba charges up to $5,000 per month for the “enslaved” medical professionals’ involuntary postings abroad. The Cuban doctors are paid $200 a month upon their return.

The passports of the Cuban professionals are withheld while they perform their services. These doctors live in miserable conditions while they are also watched by members of the intelligence services. The Cuban regime receives tens of millions each year as a result of “enslaving” Cubans from many professions. Communist Cuba is one of the worst nations in the world involved in human trafficking.

3.Stop U.S. cruise lines and private yachts from visiting Cuba

Carnival, Holland American, and other cruise lines have announced that they will increase their current sailings and services to Cuba. Nearly 200,000 Americans are expected to sail from the United States to Cuba this year.

When these ships arrive at Cuban ports they will be forced to violate President Trump stated policy of prohibiting U.S. business dealings with companies tied to the Cuban military and intelligence services. The cruise lines will pay fees to the regime for using its piers and disembarkation facilities. Cruise lines are hiring and will continue to hire regime buses with intelligence agents as guides to take American tourists to military-owned restaurants, night clubs, bars, shops, and tourist sites such as Spanish fortresses.

There are no private companies in Cuba that have buses or large restaurants. The private restaurants known as “paladares” are too small to accommodate thousands of cruise liners tourists. American private yachts dock in military-own marinas, such as the Hemingway Marina in Havana harbor, and some participate in fishing tournaments with Fidel Castro’s sons.

American owners of private yachts pay fees and purchase food, supplies, and gasoline at these military-owned marinas. The increased American tourism brought by cruise liners and private yachts to Cuba will enrich the oppressive communist regime that has been the worst and longest-lasting unrepentant abuser of human and civil rights in the Western Hemisphere.

4.Work diplomatically with Western allied nations to condemn and impose economic sanctions on the rogue and illegitimate Cuban regime.

The United States and its allies imposed severe economic sanctions and commercial restrictions to South Africa during Apartheid. Sadly, instead of implementing economic sanctions to Cuba, Western nations have continued to conduct business as usual with the military dictatorship for many years. America and its allies must isolate and punish the unrepentant and oppressive Cuban dictatorship.

5.Impose economic sanctions and deny visas to high officials and high ranking military officers of the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes.

High ranking government and high military officers from both nations travel to the United States and invest in property with the stolen funds from their nations. Freezing the assets of these oppressors is an effective way to punish those who abuse, incarcerate, and assassinate their fellow citizens.

6. Limit the amount of remittances allowed to be sent to Cuba from the United States

Previous presidents have suspended temporarily or limited the amount of remittances sent by Cuban Americans in the United States to Cuba.  This is another way the Cuban oppressive regime earns tens of thousands of dollars each day. Current policy allows unlimited remittances to the island. In 2016, over $3.5 billion were sent to Cuba by Cuban Americans who had relatives and friends in the island.

7.Break diplomatic relations with Cuba

President Dwight D. Eisenhower broke diplomatic relations with Cuba when Fidel Castro ordered the America embassy in Havana to drastically reduce the numbers of its employees. Attacking American diplomats with sonic wave weapons to harm their health is far more serious.

8.Implement regime change strategies in Cuba and Venezuela

By declaring a total economic embargo to the narco military regime in Venezuela and ceasing the purchase of oil or the sale of gasoline and other goods, Maduro’s dictatorial regime will collapse and freedom and democracy will be restored. If democracy were to be restored in Venezuela that nation would cease supplying free oil to communist Cuba. The Cuban regime could also collapse in a short time.


It is disconcerting to this writer why America has tolerated so much abuse from the mass murdering Cuban totalitarian regime for almost 60 years. Even now the United States has taken pains not to accuse Havana of perpetrating the attacks. Nothing in Cuba occurs without the late tyrant Fidel Castro’s and later his equally brutal brother dictator Raúl Castro’s permission. This writer agrees with the five prominent Republican senators who told Secretary Tillerson that “Cuba’s neglect of its duty to protect our diplomats and their families cannot go unchallenged.”

The FBI investigation must be conducted quickly to determine if the Castro regime was responsible for the 50 attacks on American diplomats. If it is determined that the Cuban regime was involved, then the Trump administration will need to consider almost all of the recommendations outlined by this writer. America should not tolerate such an abuse to at least 25 of its diplomats and their families.

Today in Cuba there is more repression, beatings of peaceful opponents, and arbitrary arrests than before the restoration of United States diplomatic relations with the communist regime and the many concessions given by President Obama. President Trump has severely criticized the enormous abuses of human and civil rights by the Castro regime.

Upholding the Helms- Burton Law is crucial. Restating the important parts of the Helms- Burton Law was necessary and President Trump did it in his speech in Miami. The president stated the following: “We will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until all political prisoners are free, freedoms of assembly and expression are respected, all political parties are legalized and free and internationally supervised elections are scheduled.”

Venezuela and Cuba are strong allies and both nations assist Islamic terrorist groups. There is a Hamas office in Havana. Cuba has always been a center of terrorism. Similar to Venezuela, the Cuban military participates in drug trafficking.

Cuba has an Occupation Army in Venezuela led by generals and assisted by its intelligence services. Venezuela sends financial help to Iran’s militia Hezbollah. Venezuela sends uranium to Iran, a close ally. The fates of their communist regimes are interrelated. Venezuela and Cuba are national security threats to the United States and both are close allies of Russia and China.

If such a courageous regime change policy were implemented successfully by President Donald Trump, he would go down in history as the Liberator of two savage and bloody communist regimes that have brought much suffering to their people and other nations throughout the world. This writer hopes and prays that President Donald J. Trump will Make the Americas Great and Save Again!