July 30, 2021

America’s most racially-segregated cities all have ONE thing in common

“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us.” The famous quote and title to Walt Kelly’s 1972 Pogo book couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to modern day liberals.

A new study published by Atlanta Black Star uses various metrics to calculate a ‘black-white dissimilarity’ score and then uses those scores to create a list of the “Top 10 Most Segregated Cities in the US.”

For all their constant squawking about fairness, profiling, racism, inequality – both racial and income; take a guess who runs the most racially-segregated cities in America? Liberals, of course. One would think that if eliminating racial inequality were such a priority by those who’ve been in charge for decades that they would’ve made some progress by now. Such is not the case.

According to the study the top ten most racially segregated cities in America are:

#1 – Detroit, Michigan. “Detroit is the most segregated city in United States with a black-white dissimilarity score of 79.6. Detroit’s inner city is almost all black, beside a little Hispanic community in the southwest called “Mexicantown.” Whites mostly stick to the suburbs like Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, and Ferndale.”

#2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “In Milwaukee blacks are located mostly in the north-central area of the city, white people live on the outer edges of town and in the suburbs and Hispanics stay in the southern inner city near Humboldt Park. Milwaukee’s black-white dissimilarity score is 79.6.”

#3. New York City, New York. New York City’s black-white dissimilarity score is 79.1. Manhattan is mostly white below 125th street in Harlem, besides Chinatown. South Brooklyn is also mostly white, with a few areas of Asians and Hispanics. Northeast Brooklyn into Queens is mostly black.”

#4. Chicago, Ill. “In Chicago, north side neighborhoods like Edgewater and the Gold Coast are nearly exclusively white, Black people lodge on the south and west sides. Hispanics dwell in southwest and northwest areas of the city. Chicago’s Black-white dissimilarity score is 75.9.”

#5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “In Philadelphia, white people occupy the South and Northeast Philly and the suburbs.  North and West Philadelphia is heavily Black, with some Hispanics. Philadelphia’s black-white dissimilarity score is 73.7.”

#6. Miami, Florida. Miami has a black-white dissimilarity score of 73.0. In the city, Black people stay mainly in the northern inner (Little Haiti and Wynwood) and Hispanics reside in the south (Little Havana, West Miami, Coral Way) and west (Brownsville).”

#7. Cleveland, Ohio. “In Cleveland, Blacks populate mostly on the east side of the city and the Black-white dissimilarity score is 72.6.”

#8 – St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis’ black-white dissimilarity score is 69.2 and black people reside exclusively on the north side of the city.”

#9 – Boston, Massachusetts. “In Boston, black people live mostly on the south side of the city, in Roxbury and Dorchester. The city has a black-white dissimilarity score of 67.8.”

#10 – Los Angeles, California“Los Angeles has black-white dissimilarity score of 65.0. White people live mostly on the coast around Santa Monica and Brentwood, and the north side of the city beginning with Hollywood Hills. “

It would be futile and a waste of time to go through and examine each and every one of these city’s governmental makeup. But it’s entirely safe to say that Chicago, whose last Republican mayor was one hundred years ago (Bill Thompson, 1915-1923) and has had eleven straight Democrat mayors since and whose current City Council of 50 members contains 49 Democrats and 1 Republican, is a fair representation of all cities on the list.

In Los Angeles “white people live mostly on the coast” — one can’t help but wonder why all the Hollywood liberal warriors who care so much about breaking down racial barriers don’t ever move into Compton, Watts, or South Central?

Every single one of these cities has been firmly in liberal Democrat hands for most if not all of the lifetime of everyone reading this article, yet they sit today nearly as divided as they were during Jim Crow. Liberals, you talk a good game but when it comes to action and results your cities have nothing to show for it – other than sky high taxes, crime, grime, poverty and division.

Source: Allen West