July 30, 2021

Antifa leftists strike AGAIN — and again, violence erupts

Antifa has made another appearance, this time in Texas, holding a protest against Confederate monuments — and, as usual, they opted to get down and dirty with violence rather than handle their “grievances” like adults.

The demonstration, held on Saturday, quickly devolved into a scuffle with police officers with several individuals getting injured and being taken to the hospital.

MySA.Com reports:

The afternoon event was initially planned as a counter-protest to a Confederate heritage rally. The Dixie Freedom rally was canceled but the counter-protest continued as planned, starting at a city park and marching to the Capitol a few blocks away.

In the face of a heavy police presence, which included two state troopers on horseback, a dozen more on foot and roughly 10 Austin police officers on bikes, the counter-protest against “white supremacy” quickly took on an anti-law enforcement tone.

Antifacists or antifa were part of the more than 100 people protesting, and started chanting “cops and Klan go hand in hand” during the march to the Capitol as the Austin police officers made a barrier with their bicycles to keep protestors out of the street.

The clashes didn’t start until the rally’s end on the Capitol grounds, when a bystander grabbed a bullhorn from one of the protesters and used it to thank the police.

As attendees sought to take back the bullhorn, a scuffle ensued that ended with Ortiz being handcuffed. Ortiz and the bystander, who was not handcuffed, much to protesters’ anger, were taken into the Capitol. Soon after, another clash broke on out the lawn, ending with several demonstrators being held down by state troopers on the pavement.

Andrew J. Alemao of Iowa City was arrested and is being accused of assaulting a trooper and attempting to flee. His girlfriend, Michelle Molnar, claimed his face was busted up and bloody after being held on the ground by two troopers.

The “protesters” continually blamed the police for the violence, but let’s be real.

This group is notorious for getting rowdy and it’s highly likely any violence that was started during this demonstration was initiated by Antifa members.

Makes you wonder whether or not the left will hold their own team accountable for their extremist behavior — or if that’s only something that happens on the right these days?

Source: Allen West