August 3, 2021

Trump TV Ad: White House Committed to ‘Cut Taxes this Year for Hard-Working Americans’

Job Creators Network is praising a new White House TV ad celebrating President Donald Trump’s accomplishments on behalf of the American people and the administration’s stated “commitment to cut taxes this year.”

“Since President Trump took office in January, he has been dedicated to putting America first and growing our economy,” Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz said in a statement to Breitbart News. “Tax cuts for small businesses should not be a partisan issue. I’m proud that the President is working across the aisle to pass tax cut legislation this Fall – he knows the millions of hardworking small business owners deserve it.”

The 30-second ad, titled “Finish the Job,” boasts Trump administration accomplishments, including one million new jobs, a rising stock market, and companies investing millions in America.

Michael S. Glassner, Executive Director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., commented on the broadcast of the campaign ad, saying: “In a very short time, President Trump has already achieved great success. The President has led a growing resurgence in our economy, creating over one million new jobs, and he has demonstrated a new brand of leadership, changing how America confronts challenges in the world.”

“We are pleased to showcase a few of President Trump’s achievements to date and stand ready to support his successes that lie ahead, including his fervent commitment to cut taxes this year for hard-working Americans,” Glassner said.

It’s that commitment that has assured Ortiz and his organization that a pro-American worker tax plan is Trump’s next agenda item.

“I have confidence that the President will continue to succeed as he pushes for tax cuts that will grow wages, jobs, and the overall economy,” Ortiz said. “I look forward to helping President Trump achieve that goal.”

One way Ortiz and Job Creators Network are fighting for tax cuts is the newly launched multi-million dollar campaign, which is intended to put pressure on Congress to pass small business tax cuts to help boost wages, jobs, and the overall economy.

Americans are encouraged to visit, sign a tax cut petition, watch videos by small business advocates explaining why tax cuts are needed, and read and share information about the group’s nationwide “Tax Cut Tour,” which will begin on Sunday, September 10 with a massive event in Oklahoma City, OK.

The two-week bus tour will conclude with a “15% on the 15th Rally” in Washington, D.C., on September 15, where legislators, several trade associations and headlined by economist Stephen Moore. provides a list of the locations for the bus tour.

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Source: Breitbart