January 18, 2022

Illegal Aliens Have Been Casting Votes in Pennsylvania for 18 Years

Wait, voter fraud is supposed to be a myth.

More evidence of voter fraud has been uncovered in Pennsylvania. The Associated Press is reporting hundreds of ballots cast by illegal aliens in elections since at least 2000. That may not sound like much, but as it states in the report, that “may not be the full number:”

Pennsylvania election officials say noncitizen immigrants illegally voted hundreds of times in elections spanning 18 years, though that may not be the full number.

State Department official Jonathan Marks told a state House committee Wednesday that an agency analysis found 544 ballots cast out of more than 93 million ballots from 2000 through 2017.

That’s one in every 172,000.

What’s more, these “noncitizen immigrants” said they “mistakenly registered” to vote. Marks said a glitch allowed them to “inadvertently register” and that a fix is in the works. However, GOP Lawmakers are now asking for a probe into aliens who willingly registered and remain eligible to vote.

Meanwhile, Democrats and its media lapdogs continue denying that voter fraud even exists and suppresses all ideas put forth, including simple fixes like voter ID laws. They will be quick to balk at 500 illegal votes among 93 million, but why is breaking the law just a little okay? Plus, this is in just one city and the full numbers still aren’t known. Look at other locations where voter fraud was proven: In Massachusetts, where DMV workers sold fake ID documents to illegal aliens so they could vote. How about James O’Keefe’s undercover stings of Democratic operatives who admitted to engaging in voter fraud schemes across the country. And even when voter fraud investigations are requested by President Trump himself, state Democrat officials refuse to release voter records. Add all the little numbers up and you’ll get bigger numbers, that is, if we’re given the correct numbers in the first place.

The Left continues to pretend voter fraud doesn’t exist and it appears they aren’t interested in finding out otherwise.

Source: Truth Revolt