August 2, 2021

Member of Totalitarian Regime Invited to Speak at California College

Totalitarianism is cool. Just not conservatism.

Scripps College, a liberal arts women’s college in Claremont, California, just hosted a government official from Venezuela who spent three days peddling propaganda as a guest speaker. Good thing he wasn’t a conservative or he would’ve been disinvited.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro’s consul general, Antonio Cordero, was invited, paid, and promoted to give a series of speeches which were described by the Claremont Independent as “whitewashing the ruling regime’s extensive human rights abuses.” The paper added that Cordero was there “to valorize that country’s totalitarian regime and spread awareness of the ‘truth in today’s Venezuela.’” But “truth” isn’t exactly what occurred during the events.

As the report noted, nothing was mentioned of rigged elections that forced the U.S. to level sanctions against the foreign government, or all of the imprisonment and slaughter of the dictator’s political opponents. Other disasters because of the regime were left off, too, including “the triple-digit inflation and massive food and drug shortages that have pushed the country’s people to the brink, [and] the hundreds of opposition leaders imprisoned by the Maduro regime on false charges.”

Flyers for the event were equally devoid of the truth:

A flyer for the first event recites several Maduro government talking points, dismissing, without providing evidence, documentation by human rights organizations and international media of massive irregularities in both the Maduro-backed July vote for a constitutional assembly and the regional elections held in the middle of this month…

A flyer advertising Tuesday’s event blames the violence in the streets that has ebbed and flowed over the past year not on Maduro’s government, which gunned down more than 120 protesters between late March and July of this year, but on an unnamed “former rightwing governor,” who the flyer alleges “fanned street violence.”

The flyer also recasts Maduro’s systematic imprisonment of political opponents as an effort “to bring criminal charges against opposition leaders who promote lynchings in street violence,” and mimics the Venezuelan leader’s unfounded claim that the U.S. “has moved to set up a rightwing government in exile.”

Maduro’s new government, the flyer assures, is considering “a host of new rights for the majority … in the course of a constitutional convention whose deliberations reach every corner of Venezuela.”

This speaker series was a requirement for some students and was paid for by the Core, History, and Latin America & Caribbean Studies departments.

And not a single fire burned on the campus; no windows were broken; no peep from Antifa; just utter silence from leftists. That says a lot.

Source: Truth Revolt