July 31, 2021

Opposition Research by Foreign Nationals? The Great Democrat Hypocrisy

Recent revelations that Clinton hired a foreign national to compile the infamous Russia dossier have met with little interest from Democrats (Charlotte Observer).

In the increasingly divided political landscape in which we live, the recent revelations regarding the Clinton campaign and the infamous Michael Steele dossier are unlikely to change many minds; but they should.

There is now indisputable evidence that law firm Perkins Coie, at the behest of Hillary Clinton, hired Fusion GPS to produce the document, much of which appears to be an outright fabrication.

What is truly shocking here is the hypocrisy. Even the most hardened Democrat should be able to see the parallel here: Democrats were outraged to learn that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort took a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. VP nominee Tim Kaine solemnly proclaimed, “we’re now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what’s being investigated. This is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason.”

But they have no problem with hiring a foreign national formerly in the employ of a foreign government to do opposition research on Trump; opposition research which was so questionable and uncorroborated that all major media outlets refused to print it. Ultimately, only BuzzFeed printed the 35 page dossier in its entirety.

The dubious dossier includes outlandish claims; Trump, for example, once paid Russian prostitutes to urinate in a bed where Barack and Michelle Obama had once stayed.

The DNC wants to wash its hands of the dossier. New chairman Tom Perez has been cleaning house, and pushing out Bernie Sanders affiliated progressives from key posts at the DNC. He clearly wants nothing to do with this new information.

The dossier in question alleges collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, details Trump’s encounters with prostitutes, and purports to have uncovered evidence of Trump real estate deals in Russia disguised as bribes.

After lenthy investigation proceedings, there is still no “smoking gun.” There is still not the slightest shred of evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to swing the election, and Barack Obama himself has admitted that the Russian government did not change a single vote in the election.

The Clinton zombies, predictably, are closing ranks, most notably former press secretary and prominent HRC lapdog Brian Fallon, who denied knowledge of the Steele hire, but noted, “if I had, I would have volunteered to go to Europe and try to help him. I have no idea what Fusion or Steele were paid but if even a shred of that dossier ends up helping (Justice Department special counsel Robert) Mueller, it will prove money well spent.”

The clownish Michael Steele is anything but an independent, objective, fair-minded investigator. After furnishing the FBI with his fine work in late 2016, he became agitated that they had failed to act on his sleuthing, and went to bitch and moan to left-wing rag Mother Jones about his hurt feelings and the lack of appreciation.

Still, the dossier remained off the radar screen, until BuzzFeed published the 35 page document in its entirety on January 10. The following day, Trump took to social media to call the allegations “fake news.”

The only time in the course of the entire Russia collusion investigation that the Democrats smelled blood was in July when the meeting with Veselnitskaya came to light. It proved to, in the words of Van Jones, be “a big nothing burger.”

Now we are finally uncovering the true nature of the sheer hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. While they were salivating at the prospect of impeaching Trump over the opposition research meeting, they themselves were working feverishly to use a former British intelligence agent to collect their own opposition research, of questionable quality.

Ultimately, both parties to the Veselnitskaya meeting conclude that it was ultimately unfruitful; rather than provide opposition research, she used the meeting to advocate for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act, which placed a travel ban and banking sanctions on Russian officials involved in the death of an incarcerated accountant who had been investigating government corruption.

Trump was quick to jump on the recent report, citing the entire Russia investigation as an attempt to overturn a democratic election: “They lost it by a lot…They didn’t know what to say, so they made up the whole Russia hoax. Now it’s turning out that the hoax is turned around, and you look at what’s happened with Russia and you look at the uranium deal and you look at the fake dossier, so that’s all turned around.”

It has been a bad week for Hillary Clinton, as allegations have also emerged that high-ranking Russian businessmen who cornered a 20% share of the US uarnium market also gave a massive USD $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.

At the end of the day, we are unlikely to see Congressional Democrats taking Clinton to task for hiring a foreign national to seek oppo research. Just one more sign of the utter hypocrisy of the Democratic Party.

If Trump does it (even though no opposition research ever came to light) it is the gravest threat to the very future of American democracy. If Clinton does it, it is a blurb on the radar screen, soon to be buried by the mainstream media after a few days of news cycles.

Source: PanamPost