August 1, 2021

Poll Shows Military Embraces Trump

Our nation’s leader is favored by those he serves.

To the certain disappointment of the Left, a new study reveals that Donald Trump is held in high favor by the servicemen and servicewomen he leads. According to a poll conducted by the Military Times in September, enlisted troops strongly support President Trump.

The survey — sampling 1,100 active-duty personnel — finds that 44 percent favorably view the President, while only 40 percent indicate disfavor. This figure is the inverse of the civilian populace, where unfavorability can reach 56 percent, which is not uncommon for a sitting president.

Regarding military-specific issues, Trump earns 55 percent favorability, as opposed to only 26 percent to the contrary.

Among enlisted troops — as opposed to officers — Trump scores his highest affirmation with 48 percent.  Furthermore, this rating remains consistent among men and women, as well as whites and non-whites.

Across the branches of service, President Trump’s ratings differ: The Marine Corps is pro-Trump to the tune of 59 percent, compared to 49 percent of the Navy.

Other personnel in the Trump camp score high as well:  Secretary of defense James Mattis receives a whopping 84 percent favorability from troops, and retired Marine Corps General John Kelly, President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, finds favor at a rate of nearly 59 percent.

Despite the mainstream media narrative — fed to us constantly via “news” programs, leftist television shows, and activist movie plots — our President is held in high regard by a strong contingent of Americans. This is even more true among the honorable men and women serving in our nation’s military.

Source: Truth Revolt