September 25, 2021

VIDEO: Pennsylvania Crowd CHEERS TRUMP for Defeating NFL Anti-Military Protesters

Pennsylvania Crowd CHEERS TRUMP for Defeating NFL Anti-Cop Anthem Kneelers–

President Trump lashed out at NFL players protesting the national anthem in September while at a campaign rally for Senator Luther Strange (R-AL).

President Trump brought up the NFL players who disrespect our flag and our country by taking a knee during the National Anthem in protest.

The crowd went wild after Trump said,

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of the NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag, to say ‘get that son of b*tch off the field right now! Out! He’s fired! He’s fired!”

The president’s remarks stung liberals. Over 200 NFL crybabies kneeled during the national anthem that weekend.

NFL players kneeled down in London. Then stood for “God Save the Queen.”

One player stretched on the ground during the anthem.

Americans responded to the NFL’s anti-military protests.

The ratings are down and Americans are disgusted.

On Wednesday the Middletown, Pennsylvania crowd cheered President Trump for defeating the NFL anti-military protesters!

Sean Hannity: I was surprised watching all last year with Coling Kaepernick. The guy praised a murdering thug, dictator. He had socks that depicted cops as pigs… And it appears based on a letter Roger Goodell put out yesterday that Donald Trump initiated a debate over standing for the flag and our anthem and those that fought, bled and died and it looks like you won.

Crowd: Cheers!

Via Hannity:

Source: The Gateway Pundit