October 22, 2018


In experiments carried out in the US back in 2009 some varieties of shark allowed themselves to be picked from the water and cuddled. Keepers at the UK’s Sea Life Centers will use the training techniques in the hope that they will end up with hundreds of trained sharks. The experts at the aquariums are going through a period of intensive tuition by using colored boards and sounds to train the sharks in a similar way to that used by the scientist Ivan Pavlov in training dogs.

In Cuba, Castro’s Special Troops found a way to attract sharks to an area using electromagnetic signals.

The Cuban Special Troops is an elite group of Officers and Soldier with a high military and physical training ready to fulfill any kind of Intelligence support mission around the planet by air, sea and land, they are equivalent to Navy’s SEALS or GREEN BERET in the US ARMY. They have a Sub Aquatic Section with diver specialist in explosive, infiltration, ex-filtration, communication, etc.  Among the equipment that they use are mini submarines used to introduce secret agents, weapons, devises or drugs.


During the Special Troops development of submarine mines to protect the area close to the Castro’s residential area, they started research in coordination with the Cuban Academy and Institute of Oceanology Science about the behavior of barracudas and sharks to use their natural behavior to conglomerate and thus protect a specific area preventing any enemy incursion from the sea.

The results of their research was an equipment that emits electromagnetic signals which call the sharks and bring them to converge close to the emission place.  This electronic device was developed in the Bureau of Scientific Research under the DAAFAR (Cuban Air Force) around 1983-84 where I was working as a Scientific Researcher in Aviation Psychology from 1981 to 1991.

CARISUB is a Florida Profit Corporation, P15000027794 and US Federal EIN/TIN number 47-3560965 incorporated in March 24th, 2015, located in 12960 NW 9th Ln, Miami, Florida 33182.  This company is headed by Cuban Dr. Alfonso Silva Lee and is in charge of operating the electronic device in the bottom of the sea close to shore and providing maintenance to the electronic device.  CARISUB according to the information I have obtained is part of the Cuban SpyNET in Miami.

If this clandestine operation continues to this date, it needs to be investigated by the authorities.

The reasons to conduct this clandestine operation:

  • For the unusual behavior and the increased presence of sharks. It is not for food purpose, not for environmental changes, not because of different water temperatures.
  • Know that the main reason for the Castro’s Regime is to cause damage to the United States.
  • This information about the development and research of this device I obtained because of my work as a scientific researcher at DAAFAR and relations and contacts that I had in Cuba between 1961 to 1991.
  • This group also developed other events in the ranch named Las Delicias in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 2001-2002 in relation to the Vieques base, which the FBI detected headed by Especial Agent “Fisherman” following my information about the Cuban Spy Network headed by the Cuban Dr. Alfonso Silva Lee with the mission to introduce an outbreak of sharks in Vieques and Puerto Rico Island.
  • Their objective is to create the demoralization and terror in the USA, also to create the economic damage with the Tourist Industry.

Dr. Ed Prida has a Doctorate in Aeronautic Psychology and was a Professor in Military Intelligence.  He worked as a Scientific Researcher in Aviation Psychology at the DAAFAR (Cuban Air Forces). He was a political prisoner in the Castro jails because actions against the Castro’s regime and now is living in Florida.  Thanks to President George Bush Sr. and Bill Richardson President of  Intelligence US Congress he got his liberty from Cuban jails.  He has been working hard to defend the United States against Communism, writing and speaking on radio and TV. He is a contributor to Bear Witness Central.