July 6, 2020


This book explains the New World Order, which refers to the existence of a very powerful secretive elite with a global agenda that wants to establish a one-world socialist government under the United Nations. Under this system, a global ruling organization would supplant all individual national governments. All countries would give up their wealth, constitution, laws, armed forces, currency, internet, liberty, freedoms, and sovereignty. No country would be allowed to own guns and the armed forces of each nation would be abolished. The wealth of the rich nations would be distributed to poor nations. The history of the Illuminatis, the Rothschilds, Skull and Bones, the Round Table, and the Fabians are also covered.

Americans are facing an enormous threat to their individual freedoms and democratic way of life by the very wealthy members of globalist elite and their many powerful organizations, including the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Federal Reserve, Bank for International Settlements, IMF, and World Bank.

The author included several chapters on the role of globalists in the State Department and international banks in the affairs of Cuba and Venezuela and his recommendations to the White House on how to bring freedom to these two nations. There is an account on how international bankers and capitalists financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and assisted Nazi Germany to rearm and improve its economy.

The author discusses how the transfer of technology to Russia and China has continued and how the Democratic Party has become a Muslim Marxist Party. Professor de Varona writes how all Republican and Democratic administrations have given important positions to members of the globalists groups, including the Trump administration but in lesser numbers. The author believes that President Trump is a patriot who is being attacked by members of the Deep State and the corrupt mainstream media. Lastly, the author explains how the globalists of the New World Order can be stopped.

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