May 17, 2022

The Twelve Reasons Why Cuba Is A Terrorist Nation And Is A Security Treat To The USA

Obama in his Marxist agenda supported Cuba. The Terrorist and Subversive system, historically led by USSR/Russia, was condoned by the United States of America. Obama ordered the State Department to leave Cuba off the list of Terrorist Countries and immediately afterward re-established diplomatic and trade relations with the regime the Russians held in Havana.

The restoration of diplomatic relations at the Embassy level with the regime imposed by the USSR in Cuba more than 60 years ago has materialized and overlooked a series of concrete actions that the Cuban regime using instructions and military equipment used as nuclear blackmail against the National Security of the United States:

Let’s analyze these points:

Point One:

The visits of the Russian Minister of Defense to Cuba and Colonel Alejandro Castro¬†Espin¬†with a group of¬†military¬†specialists in cyber war from Russia, show that the basis of¬†intelligence and modernized Russian naval units are¬†most¬†active:¬† Cuba is geographically convenient for cyberattacks on the United States.¬† An increase of fuel delivery by the Russians to Cuba has facilitated¬†the intense¬†activity in the Center of Meteorological State Modification known as¬†the¬†”¬†present¬†help” which has been able to¬†produce¬†strange weather events that we have witnessed in¬†recent¬†dates.¬† The Center encoded by the CIA as “Woodpecker‚ÄĚ is¬†actualized¬†and active. The map with the exact location on a military map of Cuba demonstrates its location and subordination to the Military Unit 1779 (Base¬†Aerea¬†de San Antonio de los¬†Banos (see below)),¬†the same air base is the base of the TU-195 aircrafts who patrol the South and the¬†East of¬†the¬†United States routes.

For years, since 2015, Russia penetrates the Gulf of Mexico with hostile purposes threatening the United States Security using its Caribbean colony, Cuba, as a base.

Official Map of the¬†Air¬†Force¬†of Cuba where the center “Pronto Auxilio” coaxial cable connected to the Command Post¬†Air¬†Base¬†San Antonio¬†appears.¬†Map sent by¬†me¬†to¬†the¬†United States government in 1987.


Point Two:

Cuba has received from Russia for more than three years, under the cover play of making a “container base” in the Mariel port, medium-range missiles, drones, radars, missiles, anti-aircraft with their teams driving and guides that all can be transported and hidden in containers on trucks, cargo ships, railroads or be in conventional storage areas, but ready to be used against the United States. Soviet weapons specifically designed to attack the United States from Cuba were hidden inside commercial containers .

Enlarged photo of the container terminal of the Mariel port in Cuba, where it is absent from commercial vessels. Monitoring maritime activity in the port and its surrounding areas can see that this enclave is exclusively for military use.

Point Three:

Cuba over the past 10 years has sown electronic devices in different beaches of South Florida and California, this gadget had been designed to attract thousands of sharks close to the beaches creating the panic and losses in the tourism business.

The undercover Cuban company who maintains this devices has the name ‚ÄúCARISUB‚ÄĚ, this is a military business from the Special Troops of the Ministry of Interior. They have office in Miami-Dade County.

Point Four:

Cuba has strengthened¬†even¬†more¬†relations with the Arab¬†–¬†Muslim¬†world¬†to the level to allow an Arab mosque in a central location in the capital, contrary to their¬†ideological¬†orientation including Marxist and atheistic. This is a¬†symbolic¬†act¬†to demonstrate its political unity with Arab Muslim terrorists.

Point Five:

Cuba has been the way of political and economic colonization of several countries in South America and the Caribbean and Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, etc.

Point Six:

Recently, to decrease the activity of¬†Americans¬†diplomatics in Havana. The Counter Intellegence ¬†has used sonic energy to create neurological disturbances in American diplomats on the island,¬†with the aim of reducing the number of the American diplomats. The Ministry of¬†¬†Foreign Relation of Cuba offered¬†absurd¬†justifications¬†blaming ‚ÄĚwild insects‚ÄĚ that¬†emit the same frequency and these insects cause such damages, all alien and out of control from the Cuban state.

Point Seven:

Not outside the context of the aggressiveness and irresponsibility deployed by the Soviet and Cuban rulers, this crime committed against the United States was the assassination of President JFK.

This crime becomes evident when discovering in the last years the reason why JFK was murdered and the Cubans and Soviets that participated in the organization and execution of the event, in American territory demonstrated with documents and photos where the participants with faces and changed hair are identified. This crime, as we all know forever is a framework of contemporary history.

The 19 other Cuban officials have been identified in official documents and photographs of the Intelligence community of the United States, by the author of this article, Ed Prida.

The above picture shows KGB and GRU’s Colonels in the Soviet Embassy in Mexico on November 22, 1963, supervisors of Cubans who were directly involved in the operation to assassinate JFK.

An important political leader who participated in reunions with Nikita Khrushchev, Nicolai Leonov and Fidel Castro in Moscow in the winter of 1963, emilio aragones came to the United States on August 23, 1963, to witness the death of JFK, what a coincidence!!!

Point Eight:

Cuba received from the Soviet Union illegally and secretly in¬†the¬†year 1987¬† (information¬†provided¬†by¬†me¬†at the time to the US government) medium¬†–¬†range missiles¬†SS-22¬†type,¬†which should have been destroyed under the SALT-II¬†Treaty, these are similar to the¬†Pershing¬†deployed by NATO in Europe.¬†Proof that existed in Cuba was recently detected¬†in the¬†Panama¬†Canal¬†hidden among sacks of¬†sugar¬†sent to North¬†Korea¬†to be modernized. The press named these as¬† ‚Äúobsolete weapons‚ÄĚ, which is not true; they can kill thousands or millions of people¬†even without being¬†precise and¬†modernized.¬†This nexus of Cuba and North¬†Korea put us on notice with the¬†coordination¬†and objectives that have both regimes for a surprise attack of the¬†United States.¬†All told, it reinforces¬†itself¬†in times of stress when shipped from North¬†Korea¬†to¬†the¬†Minister of Foreign¬†Affairs¬† Ri Yong Ho¬†to reaffirm the possible order of attack of the United States ¬†set between¬†the¬†two¬†countries.

Point Nine:

Cuba maintains a network of military intelligence, subversive, technological, scientific, academic, cultural and political of thousands of men and women, Cubans and other nationalities. (List of spies published by the DIA View)

Point Ten:

Cuba’s participation in the¬†offensive last¬†Subversive KGB‚Äôs operation, designed and implemented by its Chief Yuri¬†Andropov¬†with the introduction of HIV using the mentally ills and criminal prisoners infected¬†with the virus by vaccination by the soviet medical¬†services¬†KGB in Mariel Port in May 1980 during the stampede created by the intelligence services of Cuba and the USSR known as the Mariel crisis,¬†sending¬†120,000 Cuban refugees.

Point Eleven:

The Human Rights incomplete and rude manner, we know that there are  586 prisons for the men, women and children with a close number to half a million prisoners in Cuba.

Point Twelve:

The constitution a copy from the Constitution of the German’s Third Reich and the Soviet Constitution  of 1932. This is a proof of the existence of a totalitarian and repressive state that maintain misery 98% of the population to maintain full political and absolute control over every Cuban citizens..

Point Thirteen:

Cuba developed an outbreak of the citrus groves of the State of Florida in the years 1988-89, shortly after introduced it alongside other phytosanitary diseases in the spring, letting the trees dry completely. Another introduction was the African snail, very hard to detect because it feeds at night and during day is introduced on the ground. The epidemic of Citrus Canker caused a loss of billions of dollars to the Florida citrus industry. These strains were designed and developed especially for the climate and conditions of Florida under the direction of the engineer Jos√© Matos on the grounds of the Politecnico Citriculo “October revolution” in Bauta, Cuba under the direction of the Institute of plant health under the direction of Dr. Heliodoro Mart√≠nez-Junco who also used the pigeon society to send other diseases from Cuba by pigeons and migratory birds and they appear in the documentary directed by Eduardo Palmer “Red Alert” about the chemical weapons and biologicals developed by Cuba, under the facade of pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology.


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Last Updated:   December 13, 2013

Dr. Ed Prida has a Doctorate in Aeronautic Psychology and was a Professor in Military Intelligence.  He worked as a Scientific Researcher in Aviation Psychology at the DAAFAR (Cuban Air Forces). He was a political prisoner in the Castro jails because actions against the Castro’s regime and now is living in Florida.  Thanks to President George Bush Sr. and Bill Richardson President of  Intelligence US Congress he got his liberty from Cuban jails.  He has been working hard to defend the United States against Communism, writing and speaking on radio and TV. He is a contributor to Bear Witness Central.