July 20, 2024

BOOM! Trump Throttles #FakeNews Hacks: Trashes Corrupt FBI and Crooked Hillary when Asked About Gen. Flynn (VIDEO)

President Trump continues to disappoint liberal media hacks.

On Monday morning liberal reporters confronted President Trump as he was leaving the White House for a speech in Utah.

Reporters asked the president on his thoughts about General Michael Flynn’s decision to plead guilty in the Mueller witch hunt.

Trump did not fall for the setup.

Trump slammed the corrupt FBI and Hillary Clinton instead.

President Trump: I feel badly for General Flynn. I feel very badly. He’s led a very strong life and I feel badly John. I will say this, Hillary Clinton lied many times to FBI and nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and they destroyed his life. I think it’s a shame. Hillary Clinton on the 4th of July weekend, not under oath, it’s the most incredible thing anyone has ever seen. She lied many times nothing happened to her. Flynn lied, and it’s like, they ruined his life. It’s very unfair.

Republicans need to learn something from this man instead of trashing him all the time.

Via FOX and Friends:


Source: The Gateway Pundit