May 30, 2020

Gov. Cuomo and Commie Mayor de Blasio Hold Press Conference After Bombing => Don’t Mention ISIS, Islamists or Jihad ONCE!

ISIS threatened to attack New York City this year during the Christmas holiday.

A bomb was planted at the Port Authority terminal in New York City on Monday morning.

FOX News is reporting that one person is in custody.

Suspect has reportedly been in the US for seven years and is reportedly from Bangladesh—

Now there is a photo of the ISIS suspect.

New York Governor and Mayor DeBlasio held a press conference this morning after the blast.

Neither Cuomo or DeBlasio mentioned ISIS, Islam, Islamic Terrorism or Muslims in the comments.

The denial on the left is at suicidal levels.

De Blasio describing the attempted Muslim killer as a “terrorist” was as close as they got to calling out the Islamic terrorism by name.

Source: The Gateway Pundit