August 4, 2021

Hollywood (and Beyond) Harassment Roundup: December 18

Actors, judges, chefs, secretaries of state, pundits.

And away we go…

Carter Oosterhouse

We’re going to need some due process on this one. DIY television star Carter Oosterhouse has been accused of sexual misconduct by a former makeup artist at the network. She says she was coerced into performing oral sex on Oosterhouse when he threatened her employment. She said:

At that point, I was a nervous wreck. I was so worn down from his advances, so I did: that day, on that occasion. It was the first time. Then thereafter it was almost every time we would shoot — 10 to 15 times he put me in this position.

Oosterhouse confirms the relationship, but insists it was consensual:

(I) had an intimate relationship with Kailey 9 years ago and it was 100% mutual and consensual. In no way did I ever feel, nor was it ever indicated to me, that Kailey was uncomfortable during out intimate relationship. I would have never done anything that I was not sure was mutually agreeable.

Oosterhouse’s wife Amy Smart also spoke out in his defense:

We are in a climate right now where it’s so wonderful and needed to have women coming forward to break their silence; it is vital and important for female equality. Period. A lot of the stories are horrific and need to be brought to light. This story, about my husband, Carter Oosterhouse, on the other hand, is now taking it too far and boundaries are being crossed.

A spokesperson for HGTV told People Magazine:

While we have not been in production with Carter Oosterhouse on an HGTV series for many years, we take matters such as this very seriously. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind.

We won’t comment on the details of any specific situation, but we work alongside our independent production partners to investigate any allegations and take action where appropriate.

Let’s see how this one shakes out.

Chris Matthews

An MSNBC spokesperson has confirmed that a woman made a sexual harassment complaint against Chris Matthews which resulted in the employee recieving a separation payment. The assistant producer was paid $40,000.

Ed Murray

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the early 1980s when she was a teenaged intern at his law firm.

Alex Kozinski

Federal Appeals Court judge Alex Kozinski has announced his retirement in the midst of sexual misconduct allegations. He said:

I’ve always had a broad sense of humor and a candid way of speaking to both male and female law clerks alike. In doing so, I may not have been mindful enough of the special challenges and pressures that women face in the workplace. It grieves me to learn that I caused any of my clerks to feel uncomfortable; this was never my intent.

Dustin Hoffman

Actor Dustin Hoffman has now been accused of exposing himself to a minor and sexually assaulting two women, Variety reports. Cori Thomas says she was in high school when Hoffman exposed himself to her in a hotel room, Melissa Kester was a college graduate when he allegedly assaulted her while working on the film Ishtar, and a third, anonymous, woman claims that he assaulted her and manipulated her into a later sexual encounter.

Terry Crews

Since actor Terry Crews came forward about allegedly being assaulted by agent Adam Venit, he claims that he has been the victim of retaliation. He wrote:

I believe my family is being tracked and possibly bugged. Someone hacked into the computer my son and I built together. I have to shut it down and replace the hard drive.

He also says Russell Simmons (who has himself been accused of rape) tried to convince him to drop his lawsuit against Venit.

Mario Batali

Remember when Kevin Spacey apologized after being accused of sexual assault and came out as gay in the same statement? It didn’t go over well, and Mario Batali learned nothing from that. In his apology, he shared a recipe for cinnamon rolls. I’m not kidding. Here is his statement:

As many of you know, there has been some news coverage about some of my past behavior, I have made many mistakes and I am so very sorry that I have disappointed my friends, my family, my fans and my team. My behavior was wrong and there are no excuses. I take full responsibility.

Sharing the joys of Italian food, tradition, and hospitality with all of you, each week, is an honor and privilege. Without the support of you–my fans–I would never have a forum in which to expound on this. I will work every day to regain your respect and trust.


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That is messed up. Pizza dough cinnamon rolls do sound really good, though.

Source: Truth Revolt