July 31, 2021

New ISIS Propaganda Lines Up Trump, Netanyahu for Execution.


ISIS continues its propaganda campaign after making good on promises to strike New York City as was warned in previous posters. The terror group’s latest ramps the rhetoric way up by featuring two unlikely prisoners awaiting execution: President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It’s addressed to “Jews and worshippers of the cross.” The threat states:

“We promise to break your necks and shed your blood in Al-Aqsa front yard and everywhere else. This is the promise of Allah and we will make it come true. Beware, the coming will be the most terrible and bitter.”

The poster was released amid several others pledging to carry out lone wolf attacks against the U.S. They show a jihadist walking through a burning Washington D.C., the New York Police Department responding to the Halloween truck attack, and a jihadist pointing a gun at “California:”

Prior to this week’s attempted suicide bombing in Times Square, ISIS released Christmas-themed propaganda warning about attacks. The injured jihadist admitted to being inspired by the Islamic State. While it’s far-fetched that a Jihadi John-type could actually capture and kill the two world leaders as depicted, ISIS has influence on Muslims to carry out the threats it makes. Cities better prepare because this threat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And the federal government better overhaul the visa lottery and other immigration laws that continue allowing those who wish us harm to walk and live among us.

Source: Truth Revolt