July 29, 2021

3.5 Million People Are Dead Today Because Of Cecile Richards.

Planned Parenthood’s chief maniacal ghoul has apparently sated her ravenous appetite for snuffing out innocent incipient human life. Cecile Richards confirmed on Friday that she will resign from the largest abortion mill in the nation, explaining, “Leading Planned Parenthood over the last 12 years has been the honor of my lifetime. I will be leaving the organization well-positioned to serve and fight for our patients for a century more.” The honor of Cecile’s lifetime has entailed depriving over three and a half million human beings of their own lifetimes, and Richards walks away well-positioned herself, having earned nearly $700,000 in salary for just the 2015-2016 fiscal year alone.

As former Planned Parenthood manager-turned-pro-life activist Abby Johnson points out, Richards’s tenure at the abortion giant has culminated in a 51% decrease in breast cancer screenings, a 65% drop in pap smears, a major drop in screenings for sexually transmitted diseases, and a sum total of zero mammograms. Planned Parenthood may stand ready “to serve and fight for our patients for a century more,” but Richards’s reign caused a 670,640 patient drop as Planned Parenthood shifted its focus away from providing health services entirely onto killing babies in the womb.

Cecile Richards presided over Planned Parenthood’s exposure for refusing to report statutory rape, aiding sex traffickers, taking money explicitly to kill black babies, and illegally selling baby organs and body parts on the black market for profit to the highest bidder. As a result, the Department of Justice is now investigating Planned Parenthood for criminal actions after bombshell videos showcased senior Planned Parenthood officials Jennefer Russo, Deborah Nucatola, and Mary Gatter admitting to encouraging illegal abortion procedures and haggling with undercover journalists over the sale price per baby body.

Democrats and the mainstream media—but I repeat myself—have repeatedly claimed during Richards’s tenure that 97% of Planned Parenthood’s work “is about mammograms and preventative health,” despite the absence of mammograms at any Planned Parenthood facility. Planned Parenthood’s propagandists arrive that the 97% figure by counting each service it offers, no matter how trivial or tangential to its mission, separately. Rich Lowry of National Review compared the claim to the mission of the New York City Marathon. A mere 45,000 runners participate in the marathon, whereas two million cups of water are handed out along the course. So by Planned Parenthood’s logic, 97.8% of the New York City Marathon’s services are water distribution, and so the marathon is really in the hydration business. In reality, a full 96% of Planned Parenthood’s work relates to abortion, funded by taxpayers to the tune of $528 million, slightly over 40% of the abortion mill’s annual budget.

Former abortionists and abortion activists constitute some of the most vocal pro-life advocates, such as Abby Johnson, Paul E. Jarrett, Brenda Pratt Shafer, and Bernard Nathanson among others. Nathanson has admitted that he and his fellow National Abortion Rights Action League co-founders made up scare-statistics about women dying from illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade out of whole cloth. Jarrett powerfully testified,

And as I brought out the rib cage, I looked and I saw a tiny, beating heart. And when I found the head of the baby, I looked squarely in the face of another human being—a human being that I’d just killed. I turned to the scrub nurse and said, “I’m sorry.” But I just knew that I couldn’t be a part of abortion any more.

Perhaps Richards could undergo a change of heart too. Hope springs eternal in the human breast. If she refuses to repent her role in killing three and a half million human beings in just over a decade, we can only hope Cecile Richards returns swiftly to the obscurity of whichever cavern of Hell spawned her.

Source: The Daily Wire