August 1, 2021


As awareness today grows, “foundations” become increasingly important. Just as the founding principles of Liberty are key in understanding America, so is the Frankfurt School in understanding the Totalitarian subversion we currently face today that still goes unnoticed. Communist “philosophy” is deeply embedded not only in today’s educational, political and social theory, but also in many of the “solutions” offered to restore them! As a consequence, even the best of us wind up promoting Communist causes without realizing it.

This presentation provides details revealing the “foundations” of totalitarian philosophy to help spot those ideas which may appear to be good on the surface but are in fact Trojan Horses designed to destroy Americans.

Armando Escalante is currently the Northeast Florida Director for Bear Witness Central and an active speaker on issues which affect the Church, The Frankfurt School, Sustainable Development and Subversion. He, along with his wife, are in the media and web development business and are the producers of the Tales of Waterville™, wholesome animated shows for Children based on a Christian world view. As a former independent producer of children’s animated content and media professional, he has seen first hand how the culture is being influenced through entertainment, media and education. Over the last few years he has been active advocating our Nation’s founding, speaking and teaching on the evils of Socialism, Communism, Globalization and an outspoken opponent of Common Core. As a Christian, and Bible teacher for over 18 years, he has been active in bringing awareness of subversive ideologies and how much of an impact they have had (and continues to have) on American Culture. He has been a guest on liberty radio shows with guest appearances on Sons of Liberty Radio Show, Glenn Pav Radio Show, American Freedom Watch Radio and others.