July 28, 2021

Poll: Around 64 Percent Of Small Business Owners Say Trump Is Making Their Enterprises Great Again.

Over 250 companies have announced they’re doling out bonuses to their workers. Over three million workers have benefited from bonuses since President Trump signed the tax bill into law. On average, these workers are $1,000 checks, but some are as high as $3,000.

Unemployment is at near record lows. Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. The Dow Jones had a 5,000-point surge in 2017, the largest annual gain in its history—and it closed above 26,000 for the first time last week. The Dow hasn’t performed this well in the first year of a presidency since FDR. So, what do small business owners think? Well, 64 percent say President Trump’s policies have been good for business. He’s helping making their enterprises great again. Ali Meyer of The Washington Free Beacon has more:

A majority of small business owners, 63.8 percent, believe that President Trump’s policies have helped their business, according to a survey from the Job Creators Network.

More business owners—57.5 percent—believe Republicans do a better job of managing economic issues than do Democrats (14 percent). The survey finds the support is likely due to Trump’s ability to roll back regulations and red tape on businesses.

A majority of businesses also support the tax reform package that was signed into law and believe media coverage of the proposal was biased.

Sixty-eight percent of small businesses view the legislation favorably or somewhat favorably. Fifty-eight percent said the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will benefit their business.

Wait–if you pass legislation that makes for a better job-creating and investing climate, businesses and workers do better. Gee—who’d thought that would happen (sarc.)

Source: Townhall