July 28, 2021


Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev

Nikita Khrushchev begins subversive operation in North America for the emplacement of the Soviet armed forces in the American continent.

Nikita Khrushchev planned to attack by surprise the United States, but they haven’t enough rocketry power to make the war to United State with some probabilities to get the pyric Victory.

The ancient Russian Empire had the dream to take some territory on the American continent.

The Bolshevik Power started to work in this direction when they sent to Cuba a top NKVD’s officer named Nikola Sinjotovich, in 1922, after some time one of his names was Fabio Grobart (Juan Blanco), he used eleven different fake name in 35 years like undercover doing political and ideological subversion in Cuba.

On the basis of a political organization formed from the very beginnings of the century led by Carlos Baliño, who had as background having been the second leader after José Martí in the Cuban Revolutionary Party, founded the Communist Party nourished by members of organizations with similar points of view to the Marxist line of confrontation and class struggle for the seizure of power by the working class.

During the years of the Spanish power on the island, many children of landowners and owners of large businesses were to study in France, England, Germany and Spain and there were in contact with the philosophical and political ideas of the Marxists, anarchists and other political currents, to return to the Island, these ideas called the attention of other young people which by imitation accepted the new ideas and made them their own.

The university professors and the next generations of students were guided in this direction by the Communists and the Anarchists bringing these ideas to the sugar and tobacco Trade Unions within the island, as well as Cubans in the United States, especially in Tampa, Florida who are appended to the Communist Party. It is introduced in the new Constitution, the monstrous “clause” the University Autonomy in order to convert students in followers of the communist party.

During the campaign against President Gerardo Machado that had been gearing Cuba to a successful economic development path, the Communist Party could not bear the comparison of starvation and misery in the USSR, in contrast with the economic boom and technological development of Cuba, raising it above all the countries of the area, and many of Europe such as Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. very far from the countries of the area. Moscow therefore decided to subvert Cuba, through its network of spies, established a fierce resistance leading the country into chaos and confusion created by the subversive Soviet technique and depose President Gerardo Machado.

The violence that shook the country, did justice with some activists, they were tried and sentenced for the murders and damage to public property, pure terrorism.

Fabio Grobart, as head of the KGB network in Cuba with Blas Roca and Victor Pina Cardoso for almost two years were together in the Castle of the Prince serving sentences imposed, but from there they planned a large plan with the aim of subverting Cuba and adding it as an advanced post of the USSR in the courtyard of the United States.

Once out of prison, Victor Pina went a long journey full of political adventures: Conducts Coup d’états in Central and South America following the missions assigned by the Communist Movement as the public face of the KGB. He organizes the Internationalist Battalion “Abraham Lincoln” Recruiting communist intellectuals in the United States, France, Mexico, Cuba, etc. Participates in the Spanish Civil War, when this ends back to the Arab world and the Great Muffy introduces him to the German government, who trained and directed as commander of a unit of Assault in North Africa. With the degree of Kommander and assumes the leadership of a Division of Infantry composed of Arab soldiers in the Army Corps Afrika Corp under the command of Marshal Erich Rommel.

Victor Pina second from left.

Victor Pina leaves the German Army. Organizes the French Resistance, at the end of the war he returned to Cuba, has a son named Victor Pina Tabio. Contacts Colonel Juan Domingo Perón and organizes a political action against United States in Colombia in 1948, in order to substantiate the alleged refusal to the United States in its attempt to lift the economic and industrial level of South America, if South America participates in the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after the war. The KGB thwarts the attempt of the United States to unite the countries of South America to participate in the development of the agriculture, livestock and industries for the reconstruction of Europe of the Post-War.

  • Subversive Operation of the KGB “Jovenzuelo”(Youngster) July 26, 1953 – Cuba.

In June 1953, Victor Pina using the facade of a Youth Festival in Europe, takes to clandestinely Raul Castro to Moscow to receive direct instructions from Nikita Khruschev of the Subversive Plan that would start the 26th of July of that same year, with an attack on the Moncada Barracks and the massacre of 10.000 Cubans during the carnival festivities in the city of Santiago de Cuba, with the help of a group of 600 Hispanic-Soviet that were awaiting the order to disembark from a ship loaded with cement, called Zora, Liberian flag (Soviet Union), in the port of the city.

During the night should murder according to Nikita’s the order no less than 10.000 people during the carnival season, blame the Cuban National Army and this would be sufficient for the Soviet troops to occupy the island, in order to “pacify it” according to Nikita’s plan.

Nicolai Leonid was assigned by Nikita Khuschev to be permanent advisor to be on the island and direct the operations from the clandestine life, mostly hidden in a two points Menocal, near the city of Cienfuegos and Cayo Coco north of Camagüey.

The assault on the Moncada Barracks, was a resounding failure, the assailants did not achieve the surprise of which depended upon the entrance to the barracks, they were arrested and tried by a Court of Urgency, sentenced to several years in prison. Later political campaigns were conducted in order to demoralize the government policies and make the government free those sentenced for killing the military and civilians on July 26, 1953. In less than two years they were released to participate in the elections that would soon experience the electoral process. Fidel Castro refused and threatened to take the Island militarily with an expedition from Mexico.

Photos of Pina in Mexico, in Sierra Maestra and in the Warren Comision

The KGB provided all kinds of assistance in bringing the Granma Expedition, which landed on December 2, 1957, to the south of the Sierra Maestra, Cuba. The Plan and all necessary support was in charge of the KGB, through Nicolai Leonov, in Mexico.

The war inside Cuba created a destabilization, as a second phase of the Subversive Plan “Jovenzuelo” in the Cuban nation, to take it to the next step, at the level of a Crisis, with a civil war, terrorism and support of the network of the KGB in the United States and within the Department of State and also within the Government of the island, until the lack of control of the internal order and the ungovernability of the State and the National Army; signing the surrender by the resignation of the democratically elected Government, which leads to the soviets represented by the hordes of rebels to take the full power of the island, the first of January 1959.

The above photo is evidence that the “Cuban Revolution” is nothing more that a subversive Soviet operation to takeover Cuba as an advanced attack base against the United States. Coronel Nicolai Leonov (Right) and Raul Castro in Sierra Cristal, Cuba.

The Subversive KGB Operation “Jovenzuelo” began in July 1953 and concluded with the process of radicalization and absolute seizure of power in October 1960, when they have been eliminated by plane accidents, illness, suicide or prisoners, the “useful idiots who had fought without knowing that they were fighting for the soviet communism”.

The administrative and political measures to take the full power or the radicalization of the subversive process were among others, the change of the national currency, leaving the population without cash, nationalization of private businesses, 50% repositioning of the private means of transport (cars and trucks), all these measures was the process of radicalization within the subversive scheme, as the last part that ensures the capture of totalitarian power.

• Second Subversive Operation

The next stage is another operation called “Advanced Post or Bridge Head” started in October 1960 until October 1975, formally with a new Communist Party and a Constitution that is copied from the German National Socialist German Third Reich and then implanted in all the countries subordinated to the Soviet Empire as Communist version. Coincides from October to October the exact 15 years of subversive process to complete the Advanced Post Operation. It is a post Soviet military shown because all the time the USSR used to threaten the United States with a nuclear surprise attack, based on a system of modification of the state meteorological, basis of political subversion and cultural, human and technical resource for wars of geopolitical interest around the world, unconditional diplomatic support, production of weapons of mass extermination, etc.

Pronto Auxilio Base, a wheater modification facility near San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba.

Cuba is a Soviet military base, demonstrated because all the time the USSR used it to threaten the United States with a nuclear surprise attack, base of a system of meteorological modification, base for satellite interference, base of political subversion and cultural, human and technical resource for wars of geopolitical interest around the world, unconditional diplomatic support, production of weapons of mass extermination, etc.

Books from the collection “Political Intelligence” as the sovietization of Cuba and its consequences, and the Havana’s Cuban Boys in Dallas contain hundreds of photographic and documentary evidence of the coordination of the USSR and Cuba against the United States to assassinate President JFK.

For the past 60 years, the USSR/Russia maintained the colony in the Caribbean with only one objective, the geographical position and its military strategic value to deploy weapons of mass extermination and other media offensive, without caring about the lives of the inhabitants of the island.

Vladimir Putin and Fidel Castro


Cuban Leader Raul Castro and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin



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