July 27, 2021

Trump: Collusion Investigation ‘Is Dead’ [VIDEO]

President Trump said on Saturday that collusion allegations about his presidential campaign are “dead.”

Speaking to reporters from Camp David, Trump instead accused the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee of colluding with the Russians.

“I guess the collusion now is dead because everyone found that after a year of study there’s been absolutely no collusion,” Trump said during a press conference.

“There has been no collusion between us and the Russians,” continued Trump, standing in front of members of his administration and several Republican lawmakers.

The FBI began investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government in July 2016. Special Counsel Robert Mueller took up the inquiry in May 2017, shortly after Trump fired James Comey as FBI director.

Trump appeared to reference the Steele dossier in his jab at the Clinton campaign and DNC.

“Now, there has been collusion between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Russians,” he said.

The Clinton campaign and DNC paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s activities in Russia. Former British spy Christopher Steele, who worked as a subcontractor for Fusion, used Russian sources to dig up dirt on Trump.



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Source: The Daily Caller