August 1, 2021

Trump-Hating Celebs Holding Alternative State of the Union for Populists

The night before President Trump delivers his State of the Union address, leftist elites in Hollywood are holding their own SOTU event to protest Trump’s agenda.

Popular anti-Trump celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore, Rosie Perez, and Wanda Sykes are holding what they call the “People’s State of the Union.” Ruffalo explains it in more detail in a recent People magazine interview:

“In essence, it’s a better reflection of our state of the union based on a more populist point of view, based on the people’s point of view. I think it’s important because we have a president who has a difficult time with the truth, who has a radical, divisive agenda, and spends an enormous amount of time focusing on the negative and hopelessness and despair.”

Along with movie stars, activists, artists, and other resisters, the New York City event will be hosted by leftist political action committees United We Stand,, and Stand Up America. Other sponsors include Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March. There will be ticketed seats and the entire event will be streamed online.

Ruffalo bragged about his activism, calling it the best thing since the civil rights movement and adding that he is involved with “the mother of all movements:”

“We want to celebrate this moment that we’re in of what is now probably one of the most influential and powerful and really beautiful movements to come into play in the United States since the civil rights movement… [It will be] a celebration of the power and the beauty of this movement, but also of our accomplishments and to focus on what’s to come in the immediate future.”

The People’s State of the Union is also the official launch of the PAC We Stand United, according to People. Julia Walsh, the group’s campaign directer, said the event will be a moment for the resistance movement to look forward, not back:

“So, no matter what the president says on Tuesday, we all know what we’re going to be doing from Monday night on. We’re going to continue to work together, we’re going to continue to build this broad-based movement across many different areas, and we’re going to win back Congress. This night is meant to be inspiring and empowering to all the people across this country that care about the state of this country and want to see it change.”

Actually, the people who care about the state of this country will be watching the man they voted into office give the real SOTU speech and ignore these celebrities and their movies.


Source: Truth Revolt