July 31, 2021

Brett Baier Interviews Devin Nunes After HPSCI Memo Release.

Brett Baier Interviews Devin Nunes After HPSCI Memo Release…

Brett Baier Interviews Devin Nunes After HPSCI Memo Release…


I have been a treeper for a few years but never commented before. I feel I need to after today. I am a Canadian and I have a fairly long message, hope you don’t mind.

I think a few key things this memo surfaces and needs to be hi-lighted and we have to wake the blind Lefties; who would give their freedom away to be right and defeat President Trump.

1. This memo just begins the numbing process so more criminality can come out without destroying these people. The left and MSM will overplay the “nothing here” comments and after umpteenth times normal and undecided will see through their crap as more comes out.
2. They are missing the terrifying aspect of if these actions are not held seriously accountable and the mechanisms allowing this closed or corrected, the next extreme left or right whom harnesses this power will weopanize the Republic past a point of no return.
3. We are lucky they were over confident and banking on Trump being defeated before the election so they exposed their disdain and proves why we cannot relent and high level punishment needs to happen. They have proven they won’t quit to get their result. Election fail, let’s try de-ligitimizing fail, let’s set him up to impeach- I think fail, next will be the ultimate treason on President Trump.
4. If Hillary had won and she further harnessed this corrupt power and built more democrat extreme loyalists throughout the government for 8 more years; the penetration and secrecy would be at a point of no return. I am not sure a republican could ever win again, Essentially free elections would be a fallacy.
5. The controlling interests of MSM also need to be looked at and like a business monopoly cannot have dominant control it can be too powerful(this includes Facebook and online media filtering).
6. Make no mistake this was an attack on America and it’s way of life and it’s constitution . It was done by global loyalists under the guise of Americans blaming Russians and their opponents (Trump). Canadians like me and really around the world need to care you succeed. If America fails here the world will have little chance, I really feel this is the case. Look how weak and the lack of strength and identity formerly strong countries like Germany and UK are now. They are falling because they do not have a constitution like you, protect it with all you have.

God speed to the USA you have more silent friends than you know. Protect your Potus, protect your constitution. We need you God bless the USA.

Source:  The Conservative Tree House