July 29, 2021

BuzzFeed Hired Another Fusion GPS to Save Clinton-Steele Dossier

BuzzFeed Hired Another Fusion GPS to Save Clinton-Steele Dossier

BuzzFeed Hired Another Fusion GPS to Save Clinton-Steele Dossier

Wouldn’t it be smarter to start from scratch? Come up with a fancy new dossier (which will turn out to have been funded by Kamala Harris) that alleges Trump is really doing the bidding of Sweden.

It would at least be something new. But instead here we are with a cat gif site hiring Obama’s cybersecurity guy to prove that Michael Cohen was really in Prague instead of at USC. They should have hired a physicist with some familiarity with Heisenberg’s work instead.

But here we go anyway.

For the last six months, a team led by a former top FBI and White House cybersecurity official has been traveling the globe on a secret mission to verify parts of the Trump dossier, according to four sources familiar with different aspects of the ongoing probe.

That secret mission sure is very secret. And they’ve been traveling the globe. Why waste time sitting in front of a laptop when you can “travel the globe”. First class. On BuzzFeed’s dime.

Their client: BuzzFeed, the news organization that first published the dossier on U.S. President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, which is now being sued over its explosive allegations.

They should have put the money into more watermelon videos.

The investigation, being conducted by FTI Consulting…

Who is FTI consulting?

FTI is a Washington-based business advisory firm that specializes in areas ranging from corporate litigation to forensic accounting, and it is a frequent post-government landing pad for FBI officials.

So it’s another Fusion GPS. Because what one Fusion GPS does, surely another can set right.

The ramifications of FTI’s dossier investigation could be game-changing for Mueller’s probe, because it “would establish outside veracity of dossier allegations,” a source familiar with the work told Foreign Policy.

It’s going to establish the veracity of material that the actual FBI couldn’t establish despite using it in a FISA warrant? Despite the misspellings and basic misstatements of fact.

Ferrante, a former top FBI official who previously served as director for cyber incident response at the U.S. National Security Council during the Barack Obama administration, is now at FTI Consulting, where he is leading the effort.

Considering the amazing state of cybersecurity under Obama, they might have done better to hire some Chinese hackers.

As a top FBI cybersecurity official tasked to the White House, Ferrante was in charge of coordinating the U.S. government response to Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, among other responsibilities

And those responses should inspire our confidence.

At FTI, Ferrante launched what’s now been a months-long stealth effort chasing down documents and conducting interviews on the ground in various countries around the world. His team directed BuzzFeed lawyers to subpoena specific data and testimony from dozens of agencies or companies across the country and assembled a cyber ops war room to analyze that data, according to sources familiar with the work.

And the dossier will still wrongly state Michael Cohen’s location and the names of key elements of the case. It doesn’t matter if you look at it through an electron microscope.

Source: FrontPage Mag