August 1, 2021

Merkel Imposes Sharia Law on Germany

Sharia Law in Germany

Polygamy is de facto legal in Germany now — provided you’re a male Muslim immigrant who happens to have a spare wife or two tucked away in various places.

Anton, who translated the following video, includes this introduction:
Germany is covertly introducing Sharia law into Germany by the back door.

We have already covered one of the many, many incidents of illegal polygamy in Germany carried out by Muslim men.

In our video we highlighted a functional illiterate Ahmed A. who decided to move from Syria to Pinneburg near Hamburg with two of his three wives, where they live on state benefits or around €150,000 year, including a house to live in and free medical care. His third wife remains (for now) in Syria.

It begs the question: When it is safe for his third wife to remain in Syria, what is the family doing in Germany illegally claiming state welfare payments? The average annual gross German wage is $41,000.

Contrary to both German common and constitutional law, Germany is allowing and indeed financing the spread of Sharia law in Germany against the will of the German people.

There have been multiple lawsuits filed. And Tim Kellner — a former policeman and critic of Angela Merkel’s suicidal open-door policy — has launched a frontal attack on the government, local government and migration authorities by filing a lawsuit against both Ahmed A. and all those involved in breaking the law and introducing Sharia practices to Germany.

Many other Germany are downloading the legal documents he has prepared.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00Polygamy — the marriage between more than two partners is prohibited in Germany.
00:06In Muslim states, polygamy is no exception. In Islam, up to four wives are allowed.
00:13Polygamy repeatedly poses problems for the German authorities,
00:17especially concerning the disputed issue of family reunification.
00:21Residency law explicitly forbids allowing further wives to follow the first
00:27when a foreigner is married to several partners.
00:31Nevertheless, exceptions are made because multiple marriages are not always traceable.
00:37State marriages are often supplemented by multiple Church [Mosque] marriages.
00:42Additionally, the legal situation is only clearly defined for multiple marriages on German soil.
00:49Existing polygamous marriage relationships are currently tolerated.

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The Germans have abandoned God.
Now God has abandoned the Germans.

Source: Gates of Vienna