September 25, 2021

PragerU: What You Need To Know About Planned Parenthood.

The apple of the far Left’s eye is the radical abortion organization Planned Parenthood. The pro-choice company misleads the public and a willing mainstream media with obfuscations and misleading statistics. Prager University debunks some of the myths surrounding the abortion giant in their new video “What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood,” hosted by Lila Rose, co-founder of pro-life organization Live Action.

“Imagine there’s an organization that claims to stand for one thing, but actually stands for another,” Rose begins. “Imagine this organization calls itself a ‘health care provider,’ but it’s not involved in preserving life; it’s involved in ending it. And imagine that you help finance this organization… whether you want to or not.”

She explains, “Well, you don’t have to imagine. This organization exists. And it has a name with which you are very familiar. It calls itself “Planned Parenthood,” and the deception begins right there. Planned Parenthood doesn’t help people plan for parenthood; it helps people escape it. And that’s only the start of its deceptions.”

Rose continues, “And that’s only the start of its deceptions. Planned Parenthood tells you it’s one of the nation’s ‘leading women’s health care providers,’ but it provides very little healthcare. It tells you it provides adoption referrals, but the only adoption advice it is likely to offer is, ‘Google it.’ Most deceptive of all, Planned Parenthood tells you that abortions are a small part of what it does, but it performs more abortions than anyone else in America.”

Watch the video below:

For more eye-opening information about Planned Parenthood, check out Live Action’s breakdown of Planned Parenthood’s services, in part paid for by over a half-billion dollars in taxpayer funds per year.

Source: The Daily Wire