August 1, 2021

Boycotts Against NRA Have Unintended Effect, Galvanize Conservatives Nationwide.

According to the liberal left, the shooting in Parkland, Florida wouldn’t have happened if not for the NRA. The NRA isn’t some secret society. It’s simply a membership organization made up of law-abiding gun owners who believe in the Constitution. There is literally no connection between the NRA and the tragedy. But, that hasn’t stopped Democrats from demonizing them in order to push a gun control agenda.

Unfortunately, many companies across the country have cut ties with the NRA after buying into the gun control propaganda that the mainstream media has been pushing.

From USA Today:

*Delta Air Lines: The company axed discounted rates for NRA members.

*United Airlines: United ended an offer of discounted flights for NRA members traveling to their annual meeting.

*Enterprise Holdings: The parent company of car rental brands Enterprise, Alamo and National is ending discount deals with the NRA within a few weeks.

*Hertz: Like Enterprise, car rental company Hertz is ending discounts to NRA members.

*Avis and Budget: The company that owns the Avis and Budget rental car firms also plans to end discounts for NRA members.

*Symantec: The cybersecurity company’s LifeLock identity theft protection service for businesses and its Norton anti-virus software had both offered discounts to NRA members. Those deals are off.

*TrueCar: The online car-buying service is ending its deal for NRA members, who previously saved an average of nearly $3,400 off the retail price of new and used vehicles.

*MetLife: The insurer had offered discounts to NRA members on auto and home policies before axing the deal.

*SimpliSafe: The home security company had offered a special promotion to NRA members, but that ended Friday.

*First National Bank of Omaha: The financial institution cut an NRA-branded Visa credit card.


It is never a good idea when companies get political. Ever. Why do so many companies insist on doing it? All you end up doing us alienating half of your customer base. That’s bad for business no matter how you slice it.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out these latest survey results.

From The Daily Caller:

Morning consult surveyed 2,201 adults from Feb. 23-25 regarding their views of each company. The polling agency asked each respondent if they had a “favorable or unfavorable” view of each company before and after they were informed of the company’s choice to cut ties with the NRA.

Net favorability among all adult respondents fell between two and 18 percent for all companies after subjects learned of cutting ties with the NRA.

Before respondents were informed of MetLife’s decision, they had a 45 percent favorable and a 12 percent unfavorable rating. After respondents found out, unfavorable views doubled to 24 percent.

Clearly, it wasn’t a good idea to attack the NRA for no reason.

The NRA didn’t fail the people in Parkland.

The government did.

Source: Allen West