August 2, 2021

Mr. President, Please Fix The U.S. Department Of Justice!

Mr. President, please fix the U.S. Department of Justice!

Mr. President, please fix the U.S. Department of Justice!

It’s time—in fact, it’s long, past time.

The F.B.I. has been a “Bureau on the Bubble” for, at least, the last two years. The bubble has burst.

The role of those persons in the Department of Justice (DoJ) “Who helped Barack Obama avoid the taint of Chicago corruption?” has been known since June 2016.

Even earlier, in April 2016, the answer to the question “Is James Comey the new Eliot Ness” was on final approach into No Way Airport.

In July 2017, this site was early to suggest that “Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

So, Mr. President, what’s the holdup in fixing the DoJ?

The average American citizen’s confidence in the federal government’s senior law enforcement department erodes more by the day.

It’s happening despite frequent assurances from the media, from politicians, and from pundits that the rank-and-file investigators of the F.B.I. and the offices of the regional U.S. Attorneys are staffed by patriotic, honest, hard-working professionals.¬† Okay, sure. Understood.

But that mantra is wearing thin. And precariously so.

One antonym echo to it is that “The fish rots from the head.” And there’s also that old observation that “a few rotten apples spoil the barrel.”

And there’s a clear absence-of-urgency in the fishery, and the orchard, to find a fix.

Some pundits now eagerly await a report on the F.B.I.‘s investigation into the “matter” of the Clinton private server. It’s to be released “soon” by Michael E. Horowitz, the Inspector General of the DoJ.

Let’s hold our collective breath.

Remember Horowitz’s last eagerly-awaited report?

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